Custom Mirrors

At Glass Doctor® of Charlottesville, we know how to unleash the potential of custom glass. Our one-of-kind surfaces include glass windows, doors, and tabletops that will truly transform your home, but nothing beats the decorative impact of a custom mirror. If your spaces feel small, dark or incomplete, trust our specialists to design the mirrored solution you need.

Mirrors Add Value to Any Space

Our home glass services include custom mirror installations, repairs, and replacements for homeowners throughout the Charlottesville area. Learn what custom mirrors could do for your indoor spaces, and why we work so hard to maximize the benefits of every mirror we install.

Add Depth

Mirrors replace walls with reflections, creating an illusion of extra depth and light behind each custom glass surface. Take advantage of this optical trick in your home by hanging a custom mirror or installing mirrored tiles in particularly small spaces. For example, mirrored backsplashes create the illusion of depth behind bathroom and kitchen counters.

Brighten Rooms

Transform small and poorly lit spaces without relying on extra electricity. Angled mirrors bounce light into spaces that don't face windows, and mirrors mounted behind light fixtures amplify their glow. Pay attention to the location of every lamp and window. your mirrors and lamps strategically to double artificial light flow at night, and place about the position and direction of each window as you place mirrors.

Accentuate Art

Mirrors amplify light, but they also amplify the "wow" factor of your favorite artwork and decor. Mirrored shelves show off every angle of your three-dimensional artwork, while wall-mounted mirrors will double your views of hanging artwork. You may even match your mirror's frame or finish to the other art hanging on your walls, allowing it to blend in with some art while increasing the visibility of other installations.

Increase Functionality

You need at least one floor-to-ceiling mirror to get an accurate glimpse of your outfit every day, and we will make sure your mirror is properly lit, securely mounted, and positioned to give you the best possible view. We recommend full-length mirrors for bathrooms, entryways, hallways and walk-in closets. Remember, you'll want a mirror as you pick out your clothes, after you put on your shoes and outerwear, and while you do your hair in the morning. At Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, we also help homeowners design dream closets with triple-mirror installations.

Complement Decor

At Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, we want your house to look and feel more like home. Our custom frames and finishes allow our mirrors to blend seamlessly into any space, and we will design yours with details that complement your decor and furniture. Work with our glass specialists to personalize the perfect custom mirror for your space, complete with a frame that matches your other decor and dimensions that balance out your fixtures and furniture.

Expert Custom Glass Care

Call us today to learn more about your custom mirror options. We look forward to helping you transform your home with the perfect mirrored surfaces for your space.