Auto Glass Services

Glass Doctor® specialists are fully qualified to take care of your auto glass needs. Our glass experts can repair chipped windshields before they become larger and more expensive to fix. Most repairs can be made in under an hour and your car insurance company often covers the cost.

From the back window of a hatchback to an RV windshield, Glass Doctor can replace the auto glass on any vehicle. Your vehicle will be back to the way it was when the vehicle first rolled off the lot. Our team will even handle filing the insurance paperwork.

To show our commitment to your auto glass, we offer a Windshield Protection Plan. This 12-month warranty protects your auto glass against normal road hazards. Some restrictions apply - see our Windshield Protection Plan page for more information.

Your car or light truck’s windshield, as well as its back glass, or rear window, and many of the vent windows are attached to the vehicle using an adhesive system.  This adhesive system is a glue-like product that will hold the Seattle auto glass in place, and meet all Federal requirements for preserving the safety of your vehicle’s crash safety system.

Replacing your auto glass is expensive and not environmentally friendly. However, if a replacement is necessary, we promise to maintain the structural integrity of your windshield and car, as well as the glass clarity.

Rust and other corrosion is a major concern for any auto Seattle auto glass installation, especially here in the Pacific Northwest - where our combination of salt water and wet weather combine to cause havoc with your vehicle's metal.  Before your vehicle gets new glass, it is important that the metal that the glass will be attached to is strong enough and in good enough condition to allow the glass to adhere properly and maintain your vehicle's safety systems. At Glass Doctor® of Seattle & Tacoma, we take your safety during Seattle auto glass installation seriously.  Your au

At Glass Doctor® of Seattle, safety is always our top priority. We are proud to be registered with the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council® (AGRSS).

The AGRSS was founded by a group of companies as a not-for-profit organization promoting safe vehicle glass replacement. Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), AGRSS has designed the only auto glass replacement standards in North America. Procedures, performance and education are all components of the AGRSS Standard.

Our auto glass replacement professionals can take care of your car window replacement needs. We can replace door glass, back glass, sunroofs, and other auto glass with the highest industry standards and quality materials.

Window film saves you and your vehicle from the sun’s harmful UV rays, meaning you won’t burn and your car interior won’t fade. No one likes obnoxious glares or discovering that while your car was parked, it was converted into a sauna. Window tinting will reduce heat and glare.

Is your home away from home in need of a windshield repair? Glass Doctor® of Seattle & Tacoma specialize in RV windshield repair and motor home windshield repair.

Get your no-cost Windshield Protection Plan with your original windshield installation to ensure your windshield replacement is protected for up to 12 months with unlimited repairs or a one-time replacement! Call us today to learn more!

We consider several factors when we decide whether to repair or replace your windshield, including the size of the chip and its location. Repairs are always preferred over a replacement because of the convenience and price.