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In-Home Consultations

Discover the ideal shower door from the comfort of your home with Glass Doctor® of Seattle. Embrace the spirit of the Pacific Northwest as we deliver a curated selection of shower door styles to your living space with our custom in-home consultation service. Book an appointment, and our service professionals will drop by for a hands-on selection process that mirrors the innovation and style of our vibrant city.

Our service transcends the typical sales pitch; we're about ensuring a seamless transition from concept to reality. You can count on us for precise measurements, personalized material advice, and answers to every question. With an arsenal of brochures and samples, we make choosing as straightforward as the Seattle skyline.

We honor your time like Seattle treasures its coffee. Our consultations are efficient and aimed at giving you all the insights you need in one productive visit.

Is your bathroom ready for an upgrade? Reach out to Glass Doctor of Seattle, and let's embark on this transformation together.

Choose Your Glass Shower Door Style

At Glass Doctor, we are proud to offer an array of shower door styles. Our team is committed to guiding you to a door that complements your personal space. Whether the enduring beauty of framed doors captures your heart or the sleek elegance of frameless doors catches your eye, we're here to orchestrate your perfect match.

Explore beyond the basics with options like sliding, pivot, and bi-fold doors — each style is designed to maximize your space and add a touch of the Emerald City's unique charm to your bathroom.

Frameless shower doors offer a modern look and simple upkeep, while framed doors bring a reliable and classic presence.

Budget constraints? No worries — we'll help you harmonize your financial plan with your design aspirations, ensuring a solution that resonates with both.

Customized Glass Shower Doors

At Glass Doctor of Seattle, we recognize that a shower door is more than a functional necessity; it's a canvas for your personal style and practical needs.

Customization is at the heart of what we do. Our spectrum of custom glass options is designed to satisfy every design sensibility and functional demand.

Our varied custom glass lineup includes:

  • Tinted Glass: Perfect for those who prefer a blend of privacy and aesthetic appeal, the tinted glass comes in various shades, adding a touch of color while controlling the view into your personal space.
  • Rain Glass: Features a distinctive texture that mimics the streaks of a rain shower, providing a private barrier that obscures clear views while adding a stylish, dynamic pattern that plays with light and shadow.
  • Patterned Glass: With a wide array of intricate designs, patterned glass can match any decor style, from classic to contemporary, adding visual interest and personal flair to your space.
  • Etched Glass: Etched glass boasts delicate, frosted designs that are sandblasted or acid-etched into the surface, offering a level of customization that can mirror personal tastes or design motifs.
  • Frosted Glass: Frosted glass is sandblasted or acid-etched for a smooth, silky appearance that scatters light and enhances privacy, making it a practical yet stylish choice for any bathroom.
  • Hammered Glass: The textured surface of hammered glass not only adds privacy but also brings a unique, tactile element to the decor, reminiscent of artisanal craftsmanship and timeless elegance.
  • Clear Glass: The classic choice for a clean, unobstructed view, clear glass maximizes light and maintains an open, airy feel in the space, promoting a sense of purity and spaciousness.

Whether you've sketched out your dream door or are just beginning to envision it, our team is ready to assist in crafting the perfect piece that aligns with your Seattle spirit, needs, and budget.

Professional Shower Door Installation in Seattle, WA

a woman and Glass Doctor service professional standing in a residential bathroom and examining a glass shower door

Trust the precision and care of our installation professionals to integrate your new shower door into your home. We approach each project with the meticulous attention of a barista crafting the perfect espresso shot.

We take protective measures to ensure our work is as discreet as a foggy morning on the Sound. Our goal is a swift, flawless installation that meets your every expectation.

Once we've completed the installation, we'll guide you through your new shower space, finalizing our work with your seal of approval. Every seal, handle, and hinge is inspected to guarantee smooth operation.

Why Choose Glass Doctor?

Opting for Glass Doctor of Seattle means partnering with the pinnacle of glass service, infused with a dedication to enhancing the style and function of your space. As part of the Neighborly network, we're known for our commitment to client satisfaction and custom solutions, distinguishing us in the heart of Seattle.

Available every day of the week, with emergency services for those unforeseen circumstances, we offer the transparency of Puget Sound waters in our pricing — no hidden fees, just clear, upfront costs.

Choosing Glass Doctor is more than a decision for quality service; it's choosing a partnership with a squad of seasoned professionals committed to the highest standards, ensuring your Seattle shower door project shines from consultation to completion.

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