Shower Door Installation

Shower doors and glass tub enclosures are a great way to pull light into your bathroom, and to make it seem like a more open and spacious place. We carry these glass products from leading names including CRL, Cardinal and Alumax. From elaborate, decorative enclosures to frameless glass shower doors, Glass Doctor® of Seattle can install glass items to transform your bathroom into a mini-spa, and we can usually do it within one day's time.

When you want to update with glass doors or shower enclosures, Glass Doctor of Seattlerecommends thinking over a few details:

  • Measuring Beforehand -Never trust your eye to know the exact size and shape of a space. It's good to have a sense of the numbers, especially when measurements aren't standard and require custom work. One of our experts will be happy to take accurate measurements before we get started on the actual glass.
  • The Room Itself -Think about the design and layout of your bathroom, and how to best position your enclosure within that space. Also consider the materials with which the walls and floors are made, and where the wall studs are located.
  • Optimal Air Flow -It's important to set things up so that steam can escape, and not cause paint to peel and mold to grow around your tub enclosure. This involves the height of your ceiling and the height of the glass enclosure. Additionally, we offer kits and ventilation panels for steam room capabilities in fully tiled shower rooms.
  • Shower Head -Make certain that the placement of the shower head won't send water flying out into the room, or into the wrong part of the shower. It's a small detail, but immeasurably important.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

When you are ready to begin the design and installation process, contact Glass Doctor of Seattle for an in-home consultation. A glass expert will help you determine which glass shower or tub enclosure would be best for your bathroom, both in structure and style.