Advance Measurement System

Damage to glass in your business from weather or other disaster can wreak havoc on your bottom line. The Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of Seattle & Tacoma gives you the perfect answer to planning ahead before disaster strikes.

How We Prepare

Our specialists will survey your building and take notes and measurements of all the glass. We consider every door and window, as well as displays and other panes that might break. We create a detailed diagram of every pane in your shop or office, noting any special glass types. Each pane is clearly numbered, so reporting damaged glass is easy.

Faster Emergency Repairs

Speed of repair is critical to the smooth operation and security of your business. No matter when glass breaks, your Advance Measurement glass care plan gives you the advantage. Call Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma to give our team member the number of the panes that have broken. Our team of specialists will match the number to our list, and find a matching replacement pane. We complete the repair if the panes are in stock. Most of the time, this system allows us to complete the repair in one visit.

In-Stock Options

Sometimes your panes might not be on hand. If you have panes crucial to your operation or that or frequently damaged, we recommend enrolling in our In-Stock replacement program. Once you en-roll in the program, you buy the panes you feel our most at risk and we store them at our facility. When you need glass repair, we have your panes in stock which expedites the entire repair process.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Savings: One-trip installation saves time and money
  • Convenience: Quick repair gets you back to business fast
  • Liability: Fast repair and clean up reduces risk of injury
  • Security: Speedy repair restores the your building, protecting customers, employees and inventory
  • Image: One-trip repair means customer may not even notice the damage
  • Credit: The Advance Measurement plan let’s you pre-establish credit and contact information, making for smooth billing down the line.

Your glass care plan will let your business weather the storms with confidence. Contact Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma today to schedule your advance measurement survey.