Industry Glass Solutions

Whether your commercial business is seeking repair, renovation or upgrades on existing glass structures, the professionals at Glass Doctor® of Seattle & Tacoma can suit your needs. We bring top quality experience and service, and with our myriad of unique solutions, we are sure to have anything you need in commercial glass repair.

Apartment Complexes and Condominiums

Our team can handle any glass structure in your apartment complex or condo. On-site fitness centers, pools and even office glass may benefit from our exceptional safety glass solutions, ensuring the safety of your tenants and staff. You may also consider our upgrades and installations, providing your business with patio and sliding doors, windows and custom mirrors with an option to suit any style. 

apartment windows

Food Service, Restaurants And Commissary

We provide solutions to tackle any problem in your food service business, including sneeze guards, safety glass for partitions and windbreak walls and drive-in windows. Our commercial glass repair team is top of the line, and available twenty-four seven, ensuring you don’t have to wait or postpone your business in the event of an emergency. 

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Enrich your campus with our advanced display cases designed to make your school’s scholastic and athletic achievements truly shine. Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma also provides top-quality observation glass, glass tabletops and desks as well as our window and door options.


Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma provides top-tier solutions with our safety glass, ensuring the security of your place of business. Our around the clock team of experts are available any time you need them, ready to bring you a solution for your commercial glass repair needs. We can also provide upgrades in the way of glass mirrors, beautiful custom shelves and display casings.

Hotels and Motels

By applying our expertise, any hotel or motel can enjoy a wide array of styles and sizes available with Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma. Ask about our custom mirror solutions for both bathroom and dresser space, or learn more about our shower door options. Your facilities may also benefit from safety glass installations, ensuring safety and function.

Cities and Municipalities

Our team can offer solutions even on a full-city scale, obviating the need for messy multi-tasking and organization nightmares. Let our professionals assist your business with its every commercial glass repair need and consult us about upgrades aimed for both safety and quality. We work to make our cities beautiful, safe and strong with our safety glass and low-emissive glass options.

Upgrade Your Business

All commercial businesses can benefit greatly from our safety and quality upgrades!

  • Safety Glass: With safety, flame-resistant and impact-resistant glass, we can ensure security in your business
  • Aesthetic Upgrades: All of our mirrors, doors, cabinets, cases and shower doors come with a multitude of options, providing exceptional aesthetic appeal tempered by your needs and expectations
  • Low-emissive glass: Low-E glass provides a substantial boost to the energy efficiency of your business, and can be installed in windows and doors alike

Repair and Replacement: Glass Doctor can provide for any commercial glass repair need, including retrofitting and replacing existing panes