Emergency Business Glass Services

Not everyone stops to consider the role glass plays in a business or commercial endeavor. Daily services can be interrupted when something goes wrong with your business's glass. One way you can stay prepared to deal with unforeseen events that result in damaged windows, doors or other types of service glass is to have a business like Glass Doctor® of Seattle & Tacoma on your side. Our team of experts perform business emergency glass repair around the clock. Don’t let glass issues disrupt your business. Instead, make sure you have our experts on speed dial.

Emergency Repairs Done Faster

Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma offers area businesses a faster way to receive repairs and replacements. Taking advantage of the Advance Measurement system means your information is already on file. The process includes:

  • Diagram: A glass specialist sketches your businesses glass needs out. Each diagram will include where the glass is located and an identifying number.
  • Measurements: Each piece of glass will be measured and kept on file. The coordinating diagram number will tell our team the information they need to know for repair or replacement work.
  • Emergency response: If glass is broken, cracked or damaged, call Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma any time of the day or night. Tell us which glass was compromised and we will match it with your information. If it’s in stock, we’ll replace and install it in a single visit, saving you time and money. We will also provide an emergency board-up if necessary. Your safety and security are expedited with the Advance Measurement system.
  • Additional services: Your business can make the process even easier by enrolling in the in-stock program, which keeps your glass on-hand, or by pre-establishing credit and contact information.

The Commercial Care Program

Businesses that foresee the need for our services can opt into the Commercial Care program. The program is there to save time, money and hassle by making your business a priority. You’ll receive perks like a commercial account setup, priority after-hours response, discount services and membership pricing and specialists dedicated to your business.

Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma is ready to tackle your business emergency glass repair needs in addition to any other commercial glass services. In an emergency, we’re there for you. Contact our glass specialists today to find out more.