Auto Glass Care

When rogue road debris causes your vehicle's windows to shatter, don't panic. Make an appointment with Glass Doctor® of Seattle for auto glass repairs. Trust our team to install quality glass replacements for sunroofs, windshields, side windows, mirrors and back glass!

Repairing Your Windshield

The greatest mistake any vehicle owner can make is ignoring auto glass damage, especially windshield distortions. Not only does the damage impede your ability to see clearly while driving, it also decreases your vehicle's structural integrity. The way your car is designed, the windshield absorbs a large amount of the damage during both head on and roll over accidents.

Since a perfect windshield is so important, most auto insurance policies cover the cost of auto glass repair. To help speed up the process and to lower the amount of stress you experience, Glass Doctor of Seattle will handle the paperwork and work with your insurance agent.

The specialists who handle the auto glass repairs at Glass Doctor of Seattle have been trained to perform repairs without disrupting technology that is imbedded into the windshields. When our specialists perform windshield repair or replacement, you can count on restored clarity and function.

Auto Glass Replacement

Most panes in vehicles are made out tempered glass with the exception of windshields, which are made of laminated glass. Car manufactures made the decision to use the tempered glass for everything from the passenger windows to the rear window to sunroofs because it's believed tempered glass improves passenger safety during accidents. When struck, the tempered glass has been designed in such a way that it breaks into small chunks with softer sides. The only down side to tempered glass is that it isn't subject to auto glass repair. If any window is damaged, it will have to be replaced, which the Glass Doctor of Seattle team will do in a timely manner.

Glass Doctor of Seattle is committed to handling all auto glass repair and replacement projects professionally!

Windshield Replacement Guarantee

Each customer that comes to Glass Doctor of Seattle for auto glass replacement will enjoy our Windshield Protection Plan, but you can also choose to purchase a Future Installation Plan for a nominal charge. When you take advantage of this offer you will get 12 months worth of protection that includes all replacement charges.

Every auto glass service follows the industry's best practices guidelines. We never cut corners. As proud members of the Auto Glass Safety Council™, we are committed to exceeding industry standards. Allow our team to repair or replace your auto glass today, fill out our online form or call us now!