Auto Glass Corrosion and Rust

Rust and other corrosion is a major concern for any auto Seattle auto glass installation, especially here in the Pacific Northwest - where our combination of salt water and wet weather combine to cause havoc with your vehicle's metal.  Before your vehicle gets new glass, it is important that the metal that the glass will be attached to is strong enough and in good enough condition to allow the glass to adhere properly and maintain your vehicle's safety systems. At Glass Doctor® of Seattle & Tacoma, we take your safety during Seattle auto glass installation seriously.  Your automotive glass is part of your vehicle’s safety system.  The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 states that “No automotive repair facility shall render a safety device inoperative.” That includes your auto glass system.  Trust your repair to a shop that understands you and your passengers’ safety comes first.

Identifying Corrosion During Seattle Auto Glass Installation

When a vehicle comes in for glass service, Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma inspects the area where the glass is going to be installed for signs of corrosion.  Signs that there might be corrosion under the windshield or other piece of automotive glass (like vent glass or the back window or back glass) include leaking, wind noise, discoloration of the paint near the window, and whether the window had ever been replaced before.

Before beginning any glass Seattle auto glass installation, your Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma trained and certified specialist will conduct a vehicle pre-inspection and review the results with you.  One of the key components of that pre-inspection is inspecting for corrosion in the installation area.

From the outside of the vehicle, your trained and certified Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma specialist will inspect for tell-tale signs of corrosion, including:

  • Corrosion colored stains and discoloration of the paint.
  • Stress cracks in the glass.
  • Foreign materials under the molding.
  • Raised surfaces or bubbling paint near the window or under the vinyl top.
  • Sealants or urethanes near the window that may have been used to patch a prior leak.

From the inside of the vehicle, the Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma specialist will inspect various components for signs of corrosion before they remove the existing glass, including:

  • Rust colored stains or holes on the dashboard or upholstery.
  • Water stains on the inside of the vehicle that may indicate a leak.
  • Loose glass.
  • Pinchweld problems.
  • Obvious leaks.

What if the Specialist Finds a Corrosion Problem during your Seattle auto glass installation?

If the Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma specialist finds that your vehicle has signs of corrosion during your Seattle auto glass installation, they will inspect the area closely and generally the specialist will consult with the shop manager if the corrosion looks bad enough - and will present you with options on how to proceed, usually before we remove the old glass. 

If there is any corrosion, the Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma specialist must address it before they can proceed with installing your windshield, back glass or vent glass.  Depending on how severe the corrosion is, the specialist may advise you that:

  • We are unable to do the job.  The surface to adhere the glass to is too weakened by the corrosion and will create an unsafe install.
  • We will do the job, but only after the corrosion has been repaired by a body shop.  We have several that we work with and can assist you with a referral.
  • The corrosion is superficial enough that our specialist can remove it using his standard tools, can treat the metal and paint, and will proceed with the scheduled installation.

If significant preparation time is required by the specialist, there may be additional charges.  This is rare, and the specialist will advise the customer of that fact before they proceed.

How Does Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma Repair Corrosion?

After the specialist sands or grinds the corroded area down to bare metal, Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma uses products from Dow Automotive to replace the paint that was removed with a corrosion resistant coating, which will also replicate the E-coat used by the original equipment equivalent on your vehicle.

If the corrosion is more than a few inches long, or the corrosion perforates the metal, Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma will likely need to refer the vehicle to a body shop for metal repair.  In some cases, the extent of the corrosion cannot be identified until after the windshield, back glass or vent window is removed.  If that is the case, your Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma specialist will work with you, our shop, and a body shop to affect the repair as quickly as possible while weatherproofing the vehicle. 

Throughout our website, we will try and provide you with the information and background necessary to make an informed decision on your auto glass replacement needs.  The decision should not only be about price, and the more you know as a consumer, the more confident you will be making the right decision for your auto glass repair or replacement needs. From Ballard to Bellevue, Puyallup to Kirkland and Redmond to Renton - throughout King and Pierce Counties, Glass Doctor of Seattle & Tacoma brings a commitment to safety and best practices to every Seattle glass install we do.