Auto Glass Safety Standards and Best Practices

At Glass Doctor® of Seattle, safety is always our top priority. We are proud to be registered with the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council® (AGRSS).

The AGRSS was founded by a group of companies as a not-for-profit organization promoting safe vehicle glass replacement. Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), AGRSS has designed the only auto glass replacement standards in North America. Procedures, performance and education are all components of the AGRSS Standard.

All auto glass services we perform adhere to the goals of the AGRSS, and we continue to support the organization.

Glass Doctor of Seattle and the AGRSS have a mission to:

  • Develop and maintain auto glass replacement standards
  • Promote accreditation and education in the industry
  • Educate the public and insurance industry about AGRSS

Windshield Repair & Replacement Safety   

In Seattle, windshield function is associated with rainfall, comfort, and safety. AGRSS sets the bar, keeping the industry on task at preserving that functionality.

At Glass Doctor of Seattle, our windshield repair services protect one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. Along with your seat belts and airbags, your windshield can save your life and the lives of your passengers. Proper installation is also necessary for effective deployment of airbags.

For the best windshield repair, Glass Doctor of Seattle is the AGRSS registered name you can trust. Get in touch today for an no obligation quote.

Auto Glass Best Practices

a man and male Glass Doctor service professional standing together in front of Glass Doctor sign and looking a tablet

At Glass Doctor of Seattle, we follow several best practices when completing an auto glass repair or replacement. Our staff - both in the office, as well as in the field - are trained in understanding the needs and requirements to keep your car or truck on the road.  Whether you are driving a Ford Mustang or a Freightliner, our approach utilizes knowledge and best practices in seven key areas of auto glass installation and repair:

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Safety Procedures
  • Adhesives
  • Installation Methods 
  • Tools
  • Pattern Making
  • Customer Service

As a provider of auto glass services to major insurers such as Allstate, State Farm, American Family and Pemco, we know what they expect for service and support - and we can handle your claim effortlessly.

Seattle Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Safety Procedures

Glass Doctor of Seattle service professionals use adhesive systems that require us to notify you of the safe drive away time for your vehicle.  For most applications, that is one to two hours after installation. Our service professionals are also certified by Dow Automotive and Sika in their adhesive products to ensure a safe installation of your auto glass using the latest in adhesive technology. 

We take our employees’ safety seriously.  We conduct regular vehicle inspections of our service vans, discuss safety topics at our safety meetings, and use the proper personal protective equipment to make sure that our service professionals will be safe getting to and from your location, as well as performing a safe install on your vehicle.  Finally, our service professionals will inspect your vehicle for corrosion and other conditions which may not allow us to perform a safe installation, and they will notify you if there is anything they find that may cause us to not be able to install your glass. 

Original Equipment Equivalent Glass

Glass Doctor of Seattle uses only Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) quality glass for your installation - ensuring that your car’s full safety system remains fully functional. Our service professionals are also employees of Glass Doctor of Seattle, not independent contractors like some other glass shops. 

Adhesives Used During Seattle Auto Glass Repair & Seattle Auto Glass Replacement

Glass Doctor of Seattle utilizes only Dow Automotive and Sika adhesives on your installation. The adhesive is literally the glue that holds your windshield on your car. Dow and Sika have conducted extensive testing on their products, including live crash testing, to ensure that the adhesive systems meet or exceed all OEE and US Government requirements.

Over 90% of all factory applications on US made cars and light trucks use Dow or Sika products, and while there may be cheaper systems out there, our commitment to OEE quality and your safety means that we will only use the adhesive systems that your car’s manufacturer recommends or uses themselves. Our service professionals receive extensive training and testing to become Dow or Sika certified, and we strive for 100% service professional certification within 60 days of hire.   

Installation Methods Used For Seattle Auto Glass Repair & Seattle Auto Glass Replacement

Glass Doctor of Seattle utilizes the “full-cut” method of installation, removing not only the old broken windshield, but also all but 1-2mm of the original urethane, or the complete old bonding system if it was not urethane based.  We scrape the pinchweld (the area on the car or truck body where the glass adheres to the vehicle) clean of all corrosion and debris, and provide a good surface for the new windshield to adhere to. 

 In addition, our service professionals receive training or have experience on auto glass replacement on vehicles ranging from Fords to Ferraris and everything in between.  The installation method we use will be appropriate to the application, and we take care and pride in every install.

Tools Used For Seattle Auto Glass Repair & Seattle Auto Glass Replacement

Glass Doctor of Seattle uses the right tools for the job. Most of our service professionals are equipped with a long knife, a power extractor, a power adhesive gun, a vacuum cleaner, and the right mix of wrenches, sockets and other hand tools to ensure a quality and quick installation. We continuously evaluate our tools, and ensure that they are safe, sharp and ready for use. We also monitor industry trends and new tools to make sure we are using the right tool, the right way every time.

Pattern Making

Not all vehicles have windows that are available pre-manufactured. Many applications, such as busses, RV’s, forklifts, boats, heavy equipment, road graders, OTR trucks and antique and classic vehicle applications require custom windows. We have service professionals with extensive experience in pattern making and custom vehicle window applications using laminated or tempered safety glass. At Glass Doctor of Seattle, we recognize that not every installation is going to be “out of the box”.  We can handle every vehicle need - from Cris Craft to Crosley to Caterpillar.

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Your experience with Glass Doctor of Seattle starts with this website and your phone call. We pride ourselves in providing knowledgeable and responsive customer service. Our representatives are trained to ask the right questions to get the right part and right service professional to your job. While we strive for the perfect installation every time, we will work with you until we get it right if you are not satisfied. Contact us today to schedule your auto glass appointment.