Custom Glass Solutions

With glass tabletops, mirrors, doors, and shelves from Glass Doctor® of Palm Beach County in West Palm, making your house beautiful has never been easier. Our products come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and our specialists will work with you to customize any products to fit perfectly into your rooms. In addition to standard glass products, we also offer products made out of tempered or laminated glass to increase safety, as well as low-emissivity (Low-E) glass to reduce radiation damage. Our team is committed to making your home safe, efficient and beautiful.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Not only do glass tabletops look beautiful, but they're remarkably easy to clean. Resistant to stains and watermarks, maintaining them requires nothing more than soap and water. Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County in West Palm provides glass tabletops of all sizes, shapes and tint colors.

If you want to create a custom tabletop, our specialists will travel to your house, measure your rooms, and help you design tables suited for your rooms. You'll be able to pick glass of any shape, color or decorative design.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to decorate your house, making small rooms look bigger and enhancing natural or artificial light sources. We provide a wide variety of mirrors, and our consultants will help you create a custom mirror to fit your home perfectly. 

Patio and French Doors

If your doors need to be repaired, replaced or could simply use an upgrade, our team will help. We provide a myriad of products to make your door more efficient and beautiful, including side windows, door glass and decorative panes.

If you want to create a more energy-efficient home, our team will install insulated glass in your doors and windows. We also offer tinted glass, laminated glass, tempered glass and hurricane-rated glass. We partner with a wide variety of vendors, allowing us to order whatever types of panes you need quickly and easily.

Low-E Glass Windows

Regular exposure to ultraviolet radiation and other harmful rays can seriously damage your furniture, curtains, carpet and walls, causing the color to fade. If you seek to protect your belongings but still want to let sunlight into your house, consider installing Low-E glass windows. Low-E glass is lightly coated with a metallic substance that reflects harmful radiation away from your windows but only lowers visible light by 10 percent. This makes it easier to preserve your home's interior while allowing you to keep using natural lighting.

In addition to shielding you from ultraviolet radiation, Low-E windows also prevent heat from getting into your house, lowering the amount of energy required to keep your home cool. This means lower air conditioning bills and less damage to the environment.

Whether you seek to save the planet, save your furniture or save money, Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County in West Palm will help. Contact us today for more information on repairing, replacing or upgrading your home’s glass decor.