Windshield Repair and Replacement

Glass Doctor® of Palm Beach County provides windshield repair services for most makes and models of vehicles. We're usually able to repair chipped windshields, but be aware that if your windshield has a crack, typically longer than about three inches, we'll advise that you have the windshield replaced immediately. A cracked windshield is structurally compromised, and may not be able to protect you in an accident.

Windshield Service Factors

When deciding to if windshield repair or replacement is the better option, we take several factors into account:


With a few exceptions, if a crack is longer than a credit card or if a chip is bigger than a dime, we'll typically advise replacement service.


If a chip or crack has existed in your windshield for a while, accumulated dust and dirt that makes windshield repair more difficult. In these cases, it's more likely that we'll need to replace the whole windshield.


If a crack reaches the edge of the windshield, we usually need to replace the windshield entirely because these cracks can spread. If a crack or chip is in the driver's direct line of vision, we'll usually replace the whole windshield, because windshield repair often leaves a faint outline that can distract the driver.

We work with all major insurance providers, so our specialists complete the insurance paperwork quickly. Before scheduling your service, double-check your coverage so you understand your service options.

Windshield Repair

Repairing a windshield is typically less expensive than replacing it and it's a simple way of stopping further damage to your windshield and restoring its clarity. There are several advantages to windshield repair over replacement.


We can typically repair a windshield on-site in less than 30 minutes, whereas replacement usually takes longer and must be done in-shop.

Insurance Coverage

Many insurance companies will waive your deductible and pay for the entire repair fee. They may not do this for a replacement.


Windshield repair is far less expensive for you than a full replacement because you only pay for labor. A windshield replacement requires new glass and installation materials.

Environmentally Responsible

When a windshield is completely replaced, the damaged glass goes to a landfill, where it will never decompose. Windshield repair is much less wasteful.

When our glass specialists repair a windshield, we carefully remove any debris from the area. Sometimes we use a drill to carve out a channel for the repair resin to have a clean point of contact. The resin is injected into the area, then cured and polished until it's clear.

Windshield Replacement

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, your windshield constitutes up to 60% of your vehicle's structural support in a rollover accident. When replacing a windshield, we take several steps to ensure the result is sturdy and strong.

First, we carefully remove the old windshield, to avoid damage to the bonding surfaces and the vehicle's paint. Any damage at this step can create corrosion or leaks. Next, we choose a replacement windshield that is the same quality as the original factory windshield, known as an Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) pane.

When applying the windshield, we use adhesives and procedures approved by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC). After the installation is complete, we wait one hour to allow the adhesive to cure.

If your new windshield is damaged within 12 months, our Windshield Protection Plan states that we'll repair any damage free of charge. If the windshield needs replacement, we'll replace the glass for free. You are only responsible for the cost of installation. This guarantee was designed to ensure customer satisfaction and proved our customers the greatest care in the area.