Emergency Business Glass Services

Broken glass at your business creates safety and security problems and must be addressed right away. Commercial emergency glass repair from Glass Doctor® is the quickest and easiest way to ensure your business is up and running, with minimal interruptions. Our emergency response teams at Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County is prepared to solve your glass crisis 24/7 with a repair, replacement or board-up.

Advanced Measurement System

We understand time is money in your business, so we strive to complete repairs as efficiently as possible. Our Advanced Measurement system supplies our specialists with valuable information about your business that reduces the time commercial emergency glass repair takes and simplifies the billing process.

Once you enroll in the Advanced Measurement system, one of our experts comes to your business and creates a thorough diagram of all your glass. Each piece of glass is carefully labeled, so when damage occurs, all you need to do is reference the glass according to the diagram. Tell our team which pane is broken and we’ll arrive on site with the correct replacement from our stock. We keep the most commonly damaged pieces of glass at our shop, but if you require specific glass or unusual sizes enroll in the In-Stock option to ensure we always have the right pane for you. This program dramatically reduces the need for board-ups. Our business clients also qualify for pre-approved credit on commercial work.

Commercial Care

We offer our commercial clients the option to enroll in the Commercial Care program. Benefits include:

  • Member discounts: Save money on all your commercial emergency glass repair services with exclusive discount opportunities.
  • Priority service calls: Don’t wait hours for a specialist to show up and secure your site.
  • Board-up care: Reduced costly emergency board-ups if we don’t have your glass in stock.
  • Commercial billing: Keep your invoices and billing straight with simplified commercial invoicing.

At Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County we provide comprehensive emergency glass care for your business. Contact us to discuss your commercial glass needs and to schedule a visit from a glass repair specialist.