Industry Glass Solutions

Operating a commercial enterprise involves making a million decisions each day. Glass Doctor® of Palm Beach County understands with all that you have to do to keep your business running smoothly, dealing with accidental or deliberate glass breakage is a headache you don’t need.

We offer West Palm Beach businesses commercial glass care services designed to meet the challenges associated with maintaining a beautiful and secure commercial property. Our glass experts are able to repair, replace and remodel the glass at your facility in a quick, efficient manner using industry approved best practices.

Building Solutions

Our Commercial Care and Advanced Measurement programs deliver value-added results for businesses in Palm Beach County. With professional account set-up, discounted services and priority emergency service for members, our plans are designed to make it easy to keep your property looking its best.

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Glass Care for Every Business

Rental Properties and Overnight Accommodations

Apartment and condominium complexes depend on amenities and energy-efficient options to attract new residents, while hotels and motels are instantly judged on their appearance. First impressions make all the difference, and nothing turns off potential buyers more quickly than a sub-par visage.

Our glass experts provide commercial glass care for rental properties and overnight locations that not only maintain your carefully crafted image, but also keep your operational costs low. Double pane windows and other insulated glass units (IGUs) reduce monthly energy costs. While these modern units result in your HVAC system running less, adding impact-rated glass reduces wind and weather related damages. Plus, a commercial care membership entitles your residents to auto glass repair discounts.

Public Access and Municipal Properties

Commercial property owned or operated by the government, such as schools, VA hospitals and city buildings, are constructed for durability and safety. Our experts are fully insured, and, as part of our commercial glass care service, we’ll perform the necessary vendor vesting processes required for glass replacements or repairs.

Damages to security windows, sliding glass partitions and other industrial grade glass panels are fixed or replaced according to the standards established for public usage structures. Our specialists arrive onsite and solve the problem, while our office personnel perform the insurance invoicing required, providing worry-free commercial glass care.

Restaurants and Retail Establishments

High traffic and cash-based businesses like retail locations and restaurants are susceptible to break-ins and other accidents. However, our glass experts possess years of hands-on experience repairing and replacing both interior and exterior glass fixtures. Items like glass display cases, furnishings and food service areas benefit from our expertise. We install and repair fresh panes for storefront glass and drive-thru windows.

Maintaining the look, functionality and security of your commercial property is easy with the business glass solutions we offer. Contact Glass Doctor® of Palm Beach County today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the benefits provided through our professional commercial glass care plans.