Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors help to create a beautiful, welcoming environment in your home. Glass Doctor® of Palm Beach County will help you select the best mirror for your space. Before cutting any pieces, we meet with you to discuss your design ideas. We will determine if you want mirrors to create depth, light or function. When you work with our team, it's easy to create a living space that matches your style and taste.

Mirrors Made to Suit Your Space

Different mirrors create different visual effects. For instance, mirrored backsplashes add depth to kitchens and bathrooms. Statement mirrors give the eye a focal point in the room. Oversized wall mirrors in gyms or bathrooms give users a view of themselves. No matter your reason for adding a custom mirror to your space, trust our team to deliver the best product. Consider the various applications of mirrors to determine the best design for home.

Create the Illusion of Space

If a space seems cramped or dark, well-placed custom mirrors will open it up. Mirrors reflect the walls, ceiling and natural light to transform rooms and hallways into warm, inviting spaces. Tiled or framed mirrors highlight your home's architecture and complement your sense of style. Schedule an in-home appointment with one of our glass specialists to discover the best places to hang mirrors in your home.

Accentuate Your Home's Decor

Use our design abilities to add to your artwork. Choose from a variety of tints, finishes, edges and frames to make the piece a truly custom work, which will undoubtly accentuate your home's existing style. We recommend mirrored shelves for sculptures because you gain a 360-degree view of your pieces. Or use hanging mirrors to draw light toward your art. The ability to meld with any space and decor style make custom mirrors the perfect addition to your collection.

Enhance Your Natural Light

Hanging mirrors and mirrored tabletops catch light and scatter it through your home. Add mirrors to a windowless room to illuminate it. Whether the source or brilliance is natural or artificial, a well mounted mirrors magnifies the light. Try adding a mirror to your entryway to act as a bridge for natural light.

Functional Mirrors

Our team will hang a full-length mirror in a bedroom, entryway or closet so you gain a top-to-bottom perspective of your appearance. But these won't be store-bought flimsy additions. We will make the mirrors as grand or simple as you desire without sacrificing quality. Add a frame to create a splash of sophistication. Our custom mirrors are designed, finished and framed with an eye toward accentuating your home's decor.

Mirrors Made for You

Hanging mirrors throughout your home is the best way to brighten your life. Fill out a service request online or call the Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County team to set up an in-home consultation. Our specialists will arrive ready to offer advice and take measurements for your brand new mirrors. Be sure to ask about our other glass decor options, which pair nicely with custom mirrors.