Double Pane Windows

The sunny skies of West Palm Beach are one of the best parts of our community, but the hot sun is tough on your home's windows.

Insulated Glass Benefits

double pane window

Sun breaks down the seals on the panes by changing the pressure in the window. When the temperature drops, the window contracts. This contracting eventually cracks the seals, letting moisture into the panes causing an unsightly haze. Glass Doctor® of Palm Beach County will not only fix your broken seals but install double pane windows to help keep condensation from forming. Double pane windows include two strong panes of glass with an insulating spacer in-between. There are inner and outer seals, which add protection and strength to your windows.

Insulated Glass Replacement

Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County has trained specialists that upgrade your windows in a flash. We install glass replacements in your existing frames, keeping costs and service time to a minimum. Our qualified specialists will seal every window with high-grade sealant to keep condensation from forming on your windows.

While protecting your windows from the West Palm Beach sun, the double pane windows also save you money. According to the Department of Energy, energy loss through windows can be up to 25% of heating or cooling costs. Let Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County help cut down on those costs by replacing your old windows. Along with saving energy and money, double pane windows also add a level of noise reduction to your home.

Our glass specialists follow the company's Code of Values, which includes respect, integrity and customer focus. We operate in an honest and trustworthy manner. Don't waste anymore time or energy; tell your big power bill goodbye and trust Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County install double pane windows in your home. Schedule an appointment today!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.