Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

When your window has been broken, every minute you wait to repair it is a gamble on the safety and efficiency of your home. Your house needs quality glass windows to guard against energy loss, radiation and outdoor intruders. Rather than let these problems continue unabated, call Glass Doctor® of Palm Beach County for quick, efficient glass services. Our emergency glass repair team has the tools and expertise to restore your windows to mint condition while keeping costs and dangers to a minimum. We also replace old or severely damaged units with more advanced panes, helping your home reach new heights of safety, beauty and sustainability.

Around-the-Clock Response

The longer you leave a shattered window unattended, the worse its effects will be. As outside air flows into your home, your air conditioner will have to use more energy to cool the interior, raising your electricity bill and your contribution to environmental destruction. Outside weather and solar rays will also damage your walls and furniture, forcing you to waste time and money on repairs and cleaning. Meanwhile, broken shards of glass will put your family at risk.

Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County is committed to keeping these damages to a minimum. Our emergency glass repair team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and doesn't make exceptions for weather or holidays. Whenever you call and however far away you live, we'll dispatch our team to restore your house immediately.

Comprehensive Window Care

Although we prefer to repair windows when it is possible to do so, we sometimes have no choice but to replace them. Replacements take longer, as we often have to order new panes to meet your windows' specifications, but that doesn't mean your house can afford to be exposed. If we can't restore your windows right away, we'll board them up for you until the new panes arrive.

Besides leaving your house exposed to the outside world, broken windows also scatter glass shards, which can be harmful to children and to unwary adults. Our emergency glass repair team performs comprehensive safety checks around damaged windows to identify glass shards and getting rid of them. All safety checks are free of charge.

Replacements and Upgrades

Though customers are often frustrated by the need to replace a window, we encourage them to view this as an opportunity for improving their homes. We provide a wide range of products to make your home safer, more sustainable and more efficient. These include tinted and laminated glass, which reduce the shard danger from future broken windows, as well as low-emissivity and insulated glass, which save energy.

Besides promoting sustainability and efficiency, we also have windows designed to make your home more beautiful. These include tinted glass, which doubles as an energy-saving method, and stained glass. We're also happy to make custom orders for specific glass pieces.

Exceptional Glass Care

Don't ignore your home's pressing needs. Contact Glass Doctor of Palm Beach County today for emergency glass repairs, replacements and upgrades.