Advance Measurement System

Better safe than sorry; it's often a good idea in business. At Glass Doctor® of Palm Beach County, we’ve designed a program for commercial customers who like to be prepared. Enroll in our business recovery plan, an Advance Measurement system, which enables prompt, efficient emergency glass repairs on your property.

When you sign up, our dedicated glass specialists visit your retail store, office, restaurant or other business to measure and map all the glass windows, doors, mirrors and display cases. We will also note important details, such as which panes require safety glass, fire resistant glass, tinted glass and other details. From this information, we create a diagram with numbers assigned to each glass item or pane.

Emergency Glass Repairs for Your Business

Broken glass doors or windows can leave businesses paralyzed, creating a dangerous and unsightly environment until the situation is corrected. Besides individual welfare, which is paramount, businesses stand to lose money and customers during their downtime while arranging broken glass repairs. Our business recovery plan makes glass repair virtually automatic if you have an emergency such as a break-in, accidental glass breakage or storm-shattered plate glass.

When your business has a glass break emergency, call us anytime day or night. Simply tell us with the numbers assigned to the broken glass from your diagram, while we refer to our copy. We’ll immediately pull the glass for our stock for your location and conduct quick, professional glass repairs. If you like, we’ll pre-qualify you for credit to further speed future emergency repairs.

In-Stock Options

At your request, Glass Doctor® of Palm Beach County will pre-order any specialized glass or unique sizes you need, keeping it in stock and readily available. This avoids the need for specialty glass orders and temporary window board-up in an emergency.

Top Benefits of the Business Recovery Plan

  • Save money with single-trip repairs and glass installations.
  • Save time with little to no business interruption.
  • Lower risk of injury to customers, employees or passers-by.
  • Increase store security with quick repairs, preventing continued exposure to vandalism, theft or the elements.
  • Maintain your storefront's appearance without need for a board-up.
  • Enjoy the convenience of one-visit glass repair.
  • Ease worries about cost and red tape, since pre-established credit means emergency repairs start right away.


Let Glass Doctor® of Palm Beach County prepare you for glass breakage emergencies. Increase your peace of mind with our business recovery plan today!