Window Repair & Replacement

At Glass Doctor® of Palm Beach County, our mission is to provide fast and efficient glass care. Our glass specialists handle a variety of window glass repair projects. We also complete scheduled window glass replacement projects for clients wishing to upgrade the look of their home. Whether you need extensive window repair completed or have a small amount of breakage, our glass specialists provide all window glass repair and replacement services using only the highest of standards in the industry.

Emergency Window Glass Repair

Knowing a window is broken in your home can lead to understandable fear and anxiety. Our professional glass experts respond immediately to emergency calls, so they quickly reestablish the security of your home. We quickly discern the cause of the breakage and possible ways to replace it. If our specialists realize a pane must be replaced, we will quickly order the pane and provide board-up services to prevent further damage or infiltration. Schedule an appointment to complete your window glass replacement during a time that is convenient for you.

Specialty Glass Repair

Our glass care services go beyond windows. We care for panes found in cabinetry, garage doors, decor pieces and a variety of mirrors. Out team creates, installs and repairs these panes to maintain your abode. If these panes are damaged, our specialists will assess the damage to determine if glass repair will help solve your problems. Glass repair is a viable option if seals are broken or damaged.

Window Replacement

If window glass repair is not an option, our glass specialists can discuss window glass replacement options. Although we provide a full line of standard products, we also replace windows of any shape or size. Allow our team to enhance entry doors or windows with modern pane options.

Modern Pane Options

Insulated Glass Units

Insulated glass units regulate the temperature of your home more effectively with an extra layer of insulation. These units will decrease your energy costs and are a valuable investment in your home.


Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows protect other investments you have made in your home by filtering the sunlight that comes through the window. Low-E windows protect your carpets, flooring and furnishings from harmful UV rays.

Great Glass Service Options

Glass Protectant

Our glass specialists know keeping your budget on track is a primary aspect of providing exemplary customer service to all of our customers. After you have invested in specialty windows, protection and care are of the upmost importance. This is why our professional apply Hydrophobic Coating glass protectant and make repairs rather than full replacements when possible. The glass treatment will protect your panes from dangers that can damage them, including dirt, grime, mineral deposits and environmental pollutants. Our specially formulated Hydrophobic Coating glass protectant helps reduce buildup and damage from these factors.


Another way to cut down on damage from UVA and UVB rays is to install tinted windows. These windows reduce glare and increase comfort at a lower cost than installing new panes.

Advantage Plan

We offer exemplary service to all of our customers and up-front pricing to avoid any surprises. However, we also offer a premier customer service plan. Our Advantage Plan® provides the following special savings to our members:

  • Priority scheduling
  • Discounts on future repairs
  • Free home inspection

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