Custom Cut Glass in Toledo, OH

Glass Doctor® of Toledo, OH is your one-stop shop for all custom cut glass. We provide in a variety of home enhancement glass care, including classic glass repair, custom glass creation and energy efficient installations such as insulated glass units or low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. Our specialists are familiar with glass table tops, French doors, shelves, mirrors and shower enclosures. Our extensive vendor list means we can find parts for older windows, too. When you need glass solutions for your home, we are the glass company that will always work to exceed your expectations.

Interior Glass Decor

Our specialists are experts in glass table tops and shelves. We can measure and cut glass for custom pieces or create designs to give rooms a unique appearance. Replacement shelves and table tops can be cut in many different sizes and shapes, and we have a variety of finished edges from which you can choose.

During the initial consultation, our specialists discuss the many facets of your glass project, including the edgework, tint, thickness and type of glass you want for your item. We also explain important options such as tinting or coating to block harmful UV rays; and clarify the differences between tempered and laminated glass, which often are used outdoors or to protect children in the event of breakage.

Custom Mirror Additions

It is easy to add a touch of class or a glimpse of glamour with custom glass and mirrors. Whether you are trying to accomplish brighter lighting or the impression of more space, we can guide you through the process and offer you selections from our long vendor list.

Patio, French and Entryway Doors

Custom glass solutions include decorative glass doors. Glass Doctor of Toledo repairs French doors and patio doors, upgrade door lites or illuminates entryways with glass side panels. We offer a range of glass inserts for your doors, such as:

  • Double pane (IGU) windows with built-in blinds
  • Decorative glass and side panes
  • Energy efficient glass
  • Laminated glass

All of our glass is engineered to meet or exceed industry standards, and relationship with a variety of vendors gives us the ability to order or stock an impressive selection of glass options.

Low-E Glass Windows

Ultraviolet light can be harmful to people, pets and furniture. To protect your family and investments, Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH installs and services a special type of window glass, Low-E, which blocks the harshest UV rays from passing through your windows. Created with a thin metallic coating that reduces light penetration by as much as 10%, Low-E windows are one of the most popular custom glass solutions in homes and office buildings today.

While it is true that Low-E windows will cost a little more than traditional styles, the cost is offset by the protection it affords to furniture, carpets, drapes and other interior pieces. You will even save money on your utility bills because low-emissivity windows reinforce the barrier your windows create between interior and exterior temperatures to cut down on heating and cooling expenses.

To learn more about these custom glass solutions or to talk about our other services, please contact Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH today.