Advance Measurement System

At Glass Doctor® of Toledo, OH, we offer a wide variety of solutions to make your business emergency glass repair easier. By taking advantage of our exclusive Advance Measurement system, you ensure all glass repairs in your establishment will be carried out quickly and efficiently. That means you never have to close your doors because of broken glass.

A Proactive Solution

When you enroll in the Advance Measurement system, our glass specialists will survey your business and take the measurements of every glass window pane, door, mirror, display case and any other piece of glass that may one day need to be repaired or replaced. Using the information gathered during this survey, we will create a detailed diagram of every piece of glass in your facility, including notes on any special requirements or safety glass codes. Each piece of glass will be assigned a number on the diagram for easy reference. You get a copy of the diagram for your records, and we keep a copy for future care.

Faster Emergency Repairs

Any time glass breaks in your business, all you have to do is call Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH and report the number of the damaged glass from the diagram. Our team will match the number with our in-stock options so that we can replace it immediately. This system eliminates the need to board up your windows or close your business while you wait for repairs.

Our team is standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take care of your business emergency glass repair whenever you need it. As an added benefit, taking part in our Advance Measurement system allows you to pre-establish your credit and contact information, making the glass replacement process even faster.

In-Stock Options

We also offer an in-stock program for businesses that frequently need glass repair. If there is glass in your establishment that is at risk for frequent damage, enroll in this program and we will specifically pre-order the glass you need so that it is always ready when you need it. We keep the hard-to-find glass in stock specifically for members of our in-stock program so that we can replace it at a moment's notice.

Eliminate the waiting and guesswork from your business emergency glass repair. Schedule an appointment with our Advance Measurement team today, and know that your glass is in good hands.