Emergency Business Glass Services

Emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time. No matter if the glass breaks in middle of the night or during your busiest time of day, Glass Doctor® of Toledo, OH will respond quickly. We’ll secure the site immediately to protect your establishment from weather or vandalism. Our specialist will clear the area of debris and shards that pose a threat to pedestrians then assess the damage. We’re available for emergency business glass repair or replacement seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Faster Emergency Repairs

Every customer’s a priority with Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH, but we have a program that ensures your business receives the fastest response, our Advance Measurement System. The program rewards proactive business owners and managers with a plan to shorten the time glass replacement or repair takes. Members of the program will have their building's glass measured and diagramed. Our specialists note glass shape, size, type and features on the diagram. When damage occurs, we may be able to skip the board-up service and go directly to repair or replacement. Knowing the scope of the glass work and necessary materials before arrival is key to a quick repair. The Advance Measurement system also keeps your emergency contact and credit information on file to expedite the process.

If your building or office has glass that breaks frequently, Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH will encourage you to take advantage of our in-stock program. We’ll measure and keep that glass in stock at our shop, ready for replacement at your building anytime.

Commercial Care

Commercial Care is a Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH program that provides businesses with even faster service. In the event of a citywide disaster that causes mass damage, such as severe weather, your company is moved to the top of our first responders’ list. With Commercial Care, you get:

  • Greater priority
  • Commercial account set-up
  • Membership discounts
  • Emergency board-up discounts
  • Glass specialists assigned to ensure your satisfied service

Protect your property and your inventory when you choose to partner with Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH. Our emergency business glass repair and replacement services are focused on protecting your assets and ensuring the safety of your customers and personnel. Our team of glass professionals will show you ways to cut energy costs and utilize natural lighting while protecting office and showroom interiors from dangerous UV rays. We’ll even service your fleet of delivery vehicles, including some RVs and buses. Call 419-740-5230 or contact Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH for additional information about emergency business glass repair and replacement. Free consultations are available to businesses in Toledo, Sylvania, Maumee and surrounding areas.