Emergency Home Glass Services in Toledo, OH

Over the last 50 years, property damage from Toledo-area tornadoes has cost homeowners and businesses almost $160 million. Unexpected damage from severe weather doesn't wait until business hours to strike, so Glass Doctor® of Toledo, OH doesn't wait to make repairs to your home. We will respond to your emergency glass repair or replacement quickly and efficiently, 24/7, because your safety is our number one priority.

24/7 Response

Glass Doctor of Toledo will send our team of first responders whenever you call for emergency glass repair. Our glass specialists will remove any debris and shards of glass from the damage site, protecting pedestrians, family and pets. We will board up the window door site, if we must order replacement glass, to protect your property from weather and vandalism.

Instant Glass Specialist Service

After securing the area, Glass Doctor of Toledo professionals install new panes into your window, the entire process usually takes about an hour depending on the damage severity. Home and condo owners will benefit from our Advantage Plan®, which ensures priority response in the event of a glass break. Our specialists will never opt for a quick fix that compromises the quality of your repair. Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH will give you lasting, sustainable solutions to emergency glass repair or replacement.

Professional Repair & Replacement

Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH delivers the highest quality, customer-focused glass solutions and services. Whenever possible, we will repair your broken glass. Emergency glass repair saves you money and promotes ecological responsibility. Our glass specialists will also examine your windows and doors for possible energy leaks and share information about cutting energy bills and limiting heating and cooling air loss. If glass replacement is necessary, you can be sure the installation will be professional and not compromise the curb appeal of your home or office. Even a single pane replacement will match your existing glass windows and doors.

There’s simply no reason to delay repairing or replacing damaged glass in your home or office. Call Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH at 419-740-5230 now. For additional information about glass and mirror enhancements for your home renovation, contact us today.