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Custom Mirrors

A dazzling array of custom mirrors will give your home the luxury style you deserve. Custom mirror additions will impact of your home's design and overall appeal. Making sure that your custom mirrors create this effect requires the highest quality design expertise; entrust your mirror home decor projects to the specialists at Glass Doctor® of Toledo, OH. We have decades of experience crafting and installing elegant glass home decor, and we will use every bit of our accumulated knowledge and skills to craft the perfect custom mirror solutions for your home. Rely on us for all of your glass home decor needs.

The Benefits of Custom Mirrors in Your Home

Custom Mirrors Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

A key element of making your home feel luxurious is spaciousness. Although it is impossible to push the walls back into a room, custom mirrors are able to create the illusion of space. This is an especially important technique to use for smaller areas because when an area is too small, it feels cramped and uninviting. Try adding a mirror to foyers and hallways to elongate the space.

There are many creative ways mirrors can be used to create the illusion of space. For example, adding a mirrored backsplash to a smaller kitchen will make it feel much larger. For living rooms and bedrooms, installing a large framed mirror will add a focal point to the room and expand the space.

Custom Mirrors Enhance Your Home's Natural Light

Brightening a room with natural light gives a home warmth and invites people into the space. When your custom mirrors are properly arranged, a room is brightened up without blinding occupants or plugging in an exorbitant number of lights. Mirrors diffuse all light within a room, causing every area to naturally become brighter. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH know exactly how to arrange custom mirrors to maximize the effectiveness of this technique.

Custom Mirrors Compliment the Rest of Your Home Decor

In addition to the benefits that custom mirrors bring to your home, they also enhance the stylishness of your other home decor pieces. Mirrored shelving, for example, is great to deliver a 360-degree view of sculptures and other artwork pieces. The right custom mirror will serve as the statement piece in a room; they are also great for seamlessly filling any garish dead space where nothing else seems to fit.

Custom Mirrors Also Have Utilitarian Benefits

When our glass specialists customize the design for your mirrors, their functionality does not diminish. They are still mirrors and should be used as such. For example, it is possible to use a wall mirror in order to get a full look at your outfit to see if it works; you are able to use any custom mirror to make sure that your hair looks great before you step out the door. No other type of home decor is able to do this for you.

Make a Bold Impression with the Right Custom Mirrors

Take advantage of the unique style and utility benefits that custom mirrors provide. You will thank yourself every time you walk into a room that features a custom mirror. Our team of glass specialists is ready and willing to upgrade your home's decor with uniquely customized mirrors, contact Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH today to get the design process started.