Industry Glass Services for Toledo's Commercial Businesses

Glass Doctor® of Toledo, OH has years of experience providing comprehensive glass replacement, repair, renovation, upgrades and emergency services to businesses in the Toledo, Sylvania and Maumee. Our Commercial Care program keeps your operations running smoothly; it provides businesses with a variety of outstanding benefits including prioritized 24/7 commercial glass repair, a 15% reduction on all auto glass repair or replacement services and commercial account setup for your property. Day or night, Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH has the resources to respond to your business' needs no matter the problem.

Apartments Complexes and Condominiums

For apartment complexes or condominiums, Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH provides expert service when you need it the most. Our glass specialists will create a sense of continuity in every apartment by installing duplicate glass frames to match your property's unique style. We have considerable experience repairing or installing windows, custom mirrors and sliding glass doors according to your specifications. For on-site facilities such as swimming pools or workout rooms, our team of specialists will install safety glass to keep tenants safe at all times. Upgrade your apartment windows to more energy-efficient options to reduce energy costs for both you and tenants. Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH will also provide tenants with a 15% discount on any repairs or replacements needed for auto glass; a great benefit to entice future residents to rent with you!

apartment windows


For restaurants, our team of qualified glass specialists is available day or night to provide you with outstanding service. Give your restaurant an edge by adding some decorative flair with beautiful new storefront glass. Explore our wide selection of decorative glass to create a more inviting indoor environment for customers. Ask about tinted glass options to reduce glare in your restaurant, which ultimately enhances the dining experience. Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH will repair or replace drive-thru windows to keep business running smoothly. Performing customized glass work such as sneeze guard installation is another aspect of what our team of specialists will do for your restaurant.

Schools and Universities

Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH can perform work on schools and universities to improve building climate control and aesthetic appeal. Our specialists can install or replace virtually any glass in your buildings. We will install one-way observation mirrors for laboratory use along with performing regular maintenance on all glass throughout your school. Install a new display case to hold your school's achievements over the years. For additional safety, our specialists will install fire-resistant glass where it's needed to keep both faculty and students safe. We will also take care of installation and repair for pool areas, locker rooms or other facilities located on campus. From dorm rooms to faculty common areas, Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH is able to provide the solutions you need to enhance living spaces.


Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH provides a number of solutions to improve the comfort and quality of your business. Reduce energy costs by replacing old windows with more energy efficient models. Alternatively, you may wish to have your existing windows protected with a layer of tinting to block out harmful UV rays. Our specialists will handle everything from commercial glass repair or replacement to custom glass shelving installation. Ask our team of specialists about our wide selection of beautifully decorated glass including stained, beveled and etched options. We will also improve the strength of your storefront glass by installing bulletproof glass panes.

Hotels and Motels

For hotels and motels, consistency should be balanced with a touch aesthetic appeal. Create a much more inviting room for visitors by installing decorative wall mirrors or brand new windows. We offer several shower door options as well including frameless, heavy, framed or bypass. For hotels or motels with facilities like a pool or gym, our specialists will install safety glass and mirrors according to your unique needs.

Municipalities and Cities

Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH has the experience and manpower needed to keep your city or municipality in perfect condition. We will quickly install new glass doors, entryways, and closers or perform emergency commercial glass repair. To reduce overhead costs, consider investing in our energy-efficiency glass options. Improve the safety of your commercial building with fire-rated safety glass. From simple remodeling to construction projects, Glass Doctor of Toledo, OH offers the most dependable services available.