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Clear Choice Protectant

The professionals at Glass Doctor® of Newmarket are the trusted glass specialists for Aurora, Bradford, Newmarket and surrounding businesses and homes. We will repair or replace damaged auto, home, or office glass fixtures and furniture quickly and efficiently, at your convenience. We also want to help you preserve and protect your panes. One glass treatment with Clear Choice™ protectant can prevent damage from:

  • Environmental pollutants
  • Hard water stains
  • Mineral and oil deposits
  • Weathering

Washrooms and Kitchens

Treating stone countertops, windows and sinks with Clear Choice will immediately make your surfaces more beautiful, and it will be easier to keep them that way for approximately five years. A treatment a Clear Choice minimizes or eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleansers and in-depth cleaning. In the washroom, glass shower doors, tub enclosures and toilets will be hard water and stain-resistant.

The waste products on kitchen countertops will disappear with one glass treatment. Having a clean kitchen and washroom is essential to good health. Your kitchen and bath surfaces will have:

  • Fewer cleanings
  • Mould and bacteria reduction
  • Stain and scratch resistance
  • A glossier, more attractive appearance

Protect Your Investment

Clean, clear windows impact your home’s curb appeal. Hard water stains mar granite, tile, porcelain and many other naturally beautiful materials in your home or office. The patented Clear Choice glass treatment is professionally applied by Glass Doctor of Newmarket, and provides a high-tech shield on silica and stone surfaces that lasts up to five years.

Auto Glass Safety

Glass Doctor of Newmarket will add a defensive barrier to your vehicle's auto glass, protecting the panes from dust and environmental pollutant damage. You’ll have better visibility during inclement weather, too.

Delivering Exceptional Service

Your safety and health is our priority; an onsite or in-home consultation about our environmentally friendly Clear Choice glass treatment is free. Call 289-470-5351 or contact your glass and mirror professionals at Glass Doctor of Newmarket today.