Auto Window Tinting

Window tinting is the perfect way to give your vehicle a sleek look that is full of style. The team of specialists at Glass Doctor® of Dallas Metroplex will expertly install window tinting on any vehicle so that it has a professional appearance.

Window tinting provides more than just a polished look, it also increases driver comfort and safety by decreasing exposure to glare from the sun. Window film prevents harsh glares from the sun from affecting the areas that your sun visor cannot reach.

Interior Protection

Continued exposure to direct sunlight causes vehicle upholstery to fade. Other interior surfaces, such as your dashboard are also prone to fading, cracking and warping from contact with the sun's rays. Providing a barrier against the most harmful rays of the sun will keep the interior of your vehicle looking its best.

Privacy & Security

Vehicles often contain valuable property, like stereos. Commercial vehicles are also frequently used to store equipment and supplies. Advertising the contents of your vehicle leaves it vulnerable to theft. Dark window tinting provides increased privacy. Along with protecting your entertainment units, it also has the added benefit of reducing glare for kids watching videos.

Added Comfort

Exposure to direct sunlight can lead to unbearable vehicle interior temperatures. Leather and vinyl seats often sting and stick to bare skin. Your vehicle doesn’t have to feel like a sauna. Window tint will keep extreme heat from baking the inside of your car.

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If you would like to enhance the appearance of your vehicle or want a more comfortable driving experience, the specialists at Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex can make this happen. You can even schedule your appointment online. Contact us today for your consultation!