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Pet Doors

Plexidor Performance Pet Doors

Installing a pet door into your home doesn’t have to be a tedious process. Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex® specialists add or retrofit a dog door into your home; from existing patio or back doors to sliding glass doors, we work with top pet door manufacturers to ensure that your home doesn’t lose efficiency or safety.

When deciding on a size of a pet door, Glass Doctor give four different sizes to choose from:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra-Large

Whether your pet is small or large, the pet doors installed by our specialists are designed expertly by PlexiDor ™ and are quiet, completely secure, energy-efficient, and long lasting. After the doggie doors are installed your door is still able to open all the way, with your entry staying unblocked.


The Glass Doctor of [franchsie:location-name] specialist will go through the following steps in order to install your pet door:

  1. A technician will come to your house and measure the width, thickness, and height of your existing pane for the dog door.
  2. The door is mounted in a new pane, which can be installed the exact same way as the original pane of glass.
  3. After cleaning up, the pet door will be checked to make sure everything is in working order.

Because the pet door is installed the same way as the pane of glass, if you ever decide to sell your home you can put the old pane of glass back into its previous spot. Instead of cutting the glass or having to drill or make adjustments our pet doors are specially ordered and customized to meet your personal needs.

Pet Doors

The pet doors made of the best materials, with a fusion welded frame and thermal pane safety glass. Because they are built with insulated glass and a double walled flap, with three-sided weather strips, your home is kept cool during the summer and warm during the winter. The door manage your home’s security by opening, sliding, and locking closed. These features all add up to you saving up to 10 percent on your next energy bill.

If you do not have a regular patio door, don’t worry! The technicians at Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex can fit a pet door on a variety of door glass and frame types. Just call our specialists for a free in-home consultation and your dog door will be installed in no time!

PlexiDor Advantage

5 Year Plexidor Warranty

Through PlexiDor glass you have a 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee and a five-year limited warranty for residential use. We carry the products:

Plexidor Wall Unit: These are security pet doors that are installed into walls.

Plexidor Door Unit: Made for various doors, these are high performance pet doors.

Electronic Plexidor Unit: You are able to control access about when or who comes through the pet door – it is optimal for maximum security.

Plexidor benefits