Home Window Tinting

Natural light is wonderful, except for when it fades your belongings and causes your power bills to spike during the summer. The home window tinting services at Glass Doctor® of Dallas Metroplex offers a simple, cost-effective way to upgrade your windows and glass doors, block harmful UV rays and improve your home’s energy performance. To find the perfect tint for your needs, a glass specialist will happily come to your home for a consultation.

Home Window Tinting Benefits

  • Added privacy: Give your home extra privacy with tints on bedroom and bathroom windows, street-facing windows and glass doors.
  • Lower power bills: Window tints reflect the sun’s heat during the summer and keep your home cooler. During the winter, tints help your home retain heat. By minimizing energy transfers, your HVAC unit won’t have to work as hard to keep your family comfortable throughout the year. This load reduction translates into energy savings that will lower your power bills.
  • Reduce UV damage: While natural lighting is wonderful, it causes your belongings to fade and discolor with time. Similar to sunglasses, window tinting reflects and blocks up to 90 percent of the UV rays that would enter your home, protecting your furniture, flooring, family pictures, drapes and artwork.
  • Variety: Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex offers a selection of window tints with different textures, colors, patterns and decorative features. Install the tinting on new windows or use them to upgrade existing panes. If you decide that you want a different look in the future, the tints are simple to remove.

Security Film

Security film has the same look as standard window tinting and offers many of the same benefits. The specialized film, however, is tear and impact-resistant. Use a lighter-colored tint to protect your belongings from UV rays or choose a darker film to increase your home’s privacy.

The security film at Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex clings to glass, so shards are less likely to spread across a room if there’s an accidental break or home invasion. The discovery of the protective film may even give criminals a second thought about trying to break-in. While security film isn’t a substitute for storm shutters, they will give your home added safety during strong storms.

Home Window Tinting Home Decor

With the variety of colors and patterns available, you'll have no problem finding a window tint that complements your interior decor. Use darker tints in your living room, for example, to create the look of high-end windows. Frosted tints give you added privacy in the bathroom without sacrificing the amount of natural light that fills the room. Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex’s tints give you the custom look that you deserve.

Sun Control with Home Window Tinting

The window tinting options at Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex gives you control over how much visible light enters your home. Visible light transmission levels in our tints vary between 70 and 5%, and some block UV rays by up to 90%. Our customers also use window tints to remedy sunlight glares that make watching TV, dining near a window or enjoying a certain space seem uncomfortable without drawing the shades.

To learn more about home window tinting and see the options available, contact Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex to schedule a consultation.