Door Closer Repair Service

Since you never get a second chance to make a first impression, it's vital to wow your customers the moment they walk in your business with a properly functioning door. As your door specialists, the experts at Glass Doctor® of Dallas Metroplex offer manual door closer repair and maintenance solutions to ensure your customers are safe and your brand reputation is intact.

How Do Door Closers Work?

Manual door closers allow your customers to easily enter your business without worrying about closing the door. Any properly installed door closer results in the customer feeling a slight level of resistance as they open the door. After the initial resistance, the door should effortlessly glide open and gently close behind them as it returns to the frame. While this is how a door should function, there are several reasons your door closer may not be functioning properly.

Top Reasons for Door Closer Repair

Improper Type of Door Closer

Heavier doors need stronger door closers with stronger springs. If your business is using the wrong type of door closer, it leads to misalignments, damage to the door and poses significant safety risks.

Improperly Installed and Calibrated Door Closers

At Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex, our experts are trained to use the proper tools and techniques for all installation, maintenance, and door closer repair operations. These practices result in a longer lifespan of the door closer. It's vital you use an experienced specialist to prevent:

  • Misalignments
  • Unexpected or abnormal door motions
  • Damage to the doorframe

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Broken seals result in exposed clearance gaps, lubricant leaks and vulnerable hardware. Most oil leaks are the result of failed seals, missing screws, broken O-rings or other mechanical problems. No matter the cause, it's vital to have an expert perform the door closer repair to replace the missing oil. Improperly lubricated doors closers will commonly open and close too quickly, which causes damage to the door and may even injure a customer.

Door Locking Difficulty

In addition to being a security risk, a door that's difficult to lock has an impact on the door closer, locking mechanism and the overall well being of the doorframe.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

One of the most common ways to ruin your door is to have an untrained individual attempt to perform door closer repair. The experts at Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex undergo extensive training for installing, maintaining and repairing door closers. Our maintenance and door closer repair program are designed to ensure all of the components on your door operate in the most efficient and safe manner. Our experts are also trained to provide assistance with thresholds, hinges, door frames and glass repair.

If your door closer isn't operating properly, you may be sending your customers directly to the doors of your competition. Contact Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex today to learn more about our door closer repair services or to schedule a consultation.