Custom Mirrors

Pre-cut mirrors from your home improvement store might work well with some types of decor, but serious interior designers know strategic placement of custom mirrors in a home or office makes a definitive statement of style. From country rustic to contemporary cool, interior decor is simply more appealing and more attractive when enhanced with custom mirrors. If you’re restoring an antique mirror or frame, Glass Doctor® of Dallas Metroplex will design a new and beautiful focal point from a cherished antique piece.

Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex professionals are qualified, experienced glass specialists who have versatile glass and mirror solutions for every room. Whole-wall dressing rooms and bathroom spaces need different types of custom mirrors, cut and edged with just the right decorative pattern or tint.

Custom Mirrors Reflect Your Style

Custom mirrors open up a space, making it beautiful and inviting. For years, interior decorators have used mirrors to create depth in tight spaces and add the illusion of space to rooms. Mirrors also effectively utilize existing light to brighten any room. A Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex specialist will arrive at your home to evaluate your rooms, discuss customized mirror locations, sizes, and styles. Interior design mirror options are trending include:

  • Wall and door:Mirrors offer classic form and function in dressing rooms, walk-in closets and bathrooms.
  • Backsplash: Mirrors are visually pleasing enhancements for your kitchen workspace or bathroom sink.
  • Statement: Custom-cut mirrors become the room’s focal point when they are used as headboards or fireplace mantels.

Light Maximization

Based on your room’s windows and light sources, custom mirrors can be designed and placed to direct and reflect light in your home or office. Just as mirrors create the illusion of space, they take available light and reflect it to illuminate any room.

Display Collectibles, Art and Accessories

Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex specialists understand that your valuable pieces of art and collectibles deserve the finest display. Custom mirrors will be designed from your choice of decorative edging, tints and finishes. Mirrors bring with them a unique fashion that is a perfect accent piece of decorative decor. Some display options with mirrors are:

  • Decorative shelving: You can measure to fit shelving in an unused space or you can create a space to showcase your custom-designed shelving. Either way, Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex will gather information from you about what your shelving will display, then make the decision for the number of shelves and how they should be spaced.
  • Designer frames: Don’t toss that antique mirror in the attic! Those ornate, gilded frames can be brought back to life with a decorative, tinted mirror.

In addition to home improvement, Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex has industry-specific custom mirrors for restaurants, schools, retail dressing rooms and municipal buildings. For example, if your company or office has a need for large two-way mirrors or extra-protective security film coverings, we’ll give you a competitive bid and superior service.

If you’re building new this year or planning a home or office renovation, call 972-271-6800 or contact us online before you begin your project. The glass professionals at Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex are eager to hear your ideas!