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Updating Your Hospital’s Interior Glass

Hospitals have been revolutionizing the glass industry with their move towards a modern, open floor plan. The look of interior glass in hospitals is a trend that is moving forward. Though it is not a new concept, it is a design that more and more corporate offices and hospitals are utilizing for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is the fact that it is more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing than drywall.

As green buildings have become increasingly well known and concerns for the environment begin to grow, builders that are LEED certified are chosen to overseen the input of the specific glassware needed to ensure the building is up to code and can properly be labeled as green. Some other added benefits of using glass wall structures include saving money on cooling and the ease of recycling.

One of the biggest ways glass interiors can help benefit the hospitals, as well patients and staff, is the inability for bacteria to grow and live on hard, non-porous surfaces, like glass. This helps maintain good hygiene for any hospital or emergency room.

With glass as the main wall of a hospital, privacy is obviously a concern. As the glass industry moves forward, so have the effects and treatments we can do with glass to provide a high level of privacy. Hospitals can easily attain privacy for patient rooms through etching, glazing, and a new glass technology, which allows you to switch your glass panels from transparent to opaque. Hospitals will also be able to be more flexible in creating different spaces, and re-sizing rooms as needed with the help of the glass panels mounted to moving walls.

Some major areas in a hospital that utilize interior glass are ICU areas, infusion centers, waiting rooms, atrium, conference rooms, and children’s areas. As you’ll see in the coming years, the increase of trending interior glass will continue to be a top choice for builders, designers, and building owners, whether it is for environmental concerns, aesthetic reasons, or hygienic purposes.

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