Trending: Ultra-Clear™ Low Iron Glass

See the beauty behind the glass. Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass™ by PPG provides exceptional clarity, making it just as functional as it is beautiful. Containing only 10% of the iron content found in traditional glass, this type of glass allows more light to pass through while retaining its true color. When looking through Ultra-Clear Glass™, you may get caught thinking whether anything is actually there! In addition, while typical glass develops a green hue as the thickness increases, Ultra-Clear Glass™ creates a faint azure blue as the glass is cut to thicker proportions. Matching the color of the sky, this unique property has made low iron glass especially popular for use on the exteriors of corporate offices and skyscrapers. Click here for some examples.

However, exterior projects are not the only use for Ultra-Clear Glass™. Recently, we’ve noticed that many homeowners alike, have turned to low iron glass for their remodeling needs. Whether it’s on countertops, stair railings, shower doors, or glass walls, Ultra-Clear Glass™ will give your home a unique, modern flair that’s bound to impress! The ways you could use low iron glass in your home are truly endless. Click here for some examples.

If you would like to see the unmatched clarity of Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass™ for yourself, then come by Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex and talk with a glass specialist. We’d be thrilled to help you design the dream home you’ve always wanted!

Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass