Trending: Frameless Showers Doors

There is nothing quite as attention grabbing as a frameless shower enclosure. This type of shower enclosure can do wonders if you are working will a small bathroom. By eliminating the visual frame, you create a transparent effect, giving the illusion of a larger bathroom. An excessive amount of windows, glass walls, and modern lines are becoming the norm for houses in the Dallas area and with a frameless shower, you can give a large and outdated bathroom that modern feel.

If you are planning on installing a frameless shower in your home, your options are limitless on the type of pattern you can have on your glass, and to the tile work inside the shower to stand out.

If you are convinced a frameless shower is for you, but you aren’t quite sure what type of glass you would like, visit our Dallas showroom, where we have over 200 different glass samples for you to choose from or view our shower door gallery.

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