How Can I Increase The Value of My Home?

increase value of home

Your house is your sanctuary. It’s where you go after work to de-stress and relax. If you have a family, it’s where they spend a majority of their time. Your house could even be a source of pride for you. If you own a house and many of its features are outdated, you’ve probably been thinking about renovating it.

Improving your house isn’t a cheap investment, but the right ones will make that investment worth its while. Learn the various ways you can revamp your house with the three best ways to increase the value of your house and to get the most bang for your buck!

  1. Siding. Before you think about getting a new kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, consider doing some work on the basics: heating, plumbing, electrical and sewer systems, wiring, roofing etc. Home buyers don’t want a leaky house no matter how nice the kitchen may be. Home buyers want to take the basics for granted. If you are thinking about remodeling your house, inspecting your house for possible wear-and-tear or poorly functioning systems is the first step to take. According to HGTV, these projects will, on average, return about 92.8% of its cost in added home value.
  2. The Kitchen. The second best home improvement project that is likely to see a higher return on investment than siding is remodeling the kitchen. The average return on investment is 92.9%. According to HGTV, the average cost of a minor kitchen remodel is $15,273. If you live in Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Providence, Miami, New Orleans, and San Diego, you may even see a triple-digit return on investment. For example, a $17,928 investment in San Diego saw a return of $27,000 on resale.
  3. The Bathroom. Even if you don’t use the kitchen every day, you definitely use the bathroom every day so why not make it beautiful? Just like the kitchen, remodeling a bathroom returns above 90% on investment. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a bathroom-remodeling project in Dallas costs $9,364. One idea is to upgrade your shower door and tub enclosure! Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex offers one of the best services around, check out our shower door gallery. Frameless showers are hallmarks of modern bathrooms and we guarantee your satisfaction, give us a call.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity that you have and get started on investing in your house. We here at Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex have incredible contractors who do great work so give us a call about remodeling your house!