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Custom Glass Solutions

Don’t let drab decor dull your dream home. Make your space shine with custom glass decor from Glass Doctor® of Clinton Township, MI. Our glass experts are ready to work with you to bring your vision to life with custom tabletops, shelves and mirrors. We’ll open new vistas with elegant patio and French doors. Or give your home a facelift with custom door glass and side panels. No matter your style, our specialists will fit new glass fixtures into your home.

Glass Decor for Every Home

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Your furniture sets the tone for your space. We’ll work with you to create the perfect new glass table centerpiece to tie a room together, or spice up existing furniture with a new glass look. An in-home consultation will walk you through shapes, sizes and edgework detail. Our experts will talk with you about the people who live in your space and how they use it, so your new custom glass decor will be safe and beautiful.

We offer a variety of design options to create a glass tabletop suited to your space. Tinted or coated panes protect the non-glass parts of the furniture from harmful UV rays. Tempered and laminated glass guarantees young family members and guests don’t get hurt if the worst happens.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors are more than a functional furniture item. A great mirror will open up the space in a room, and reflect light giving a sense of openness. Let our specialists show you what decorative mirrors can do for your home.

Patio and French Doors

The entries to your home leave a lasting impression; make it one of grace and beauty with doorlites and side windows. Doorlites give the elegant look of metal and custom glass decor, providing sturdy closure with artistic flair. Side windows expand the feel of your door and the light in the entry areas of your home, illuminating the space that first welcomes visitors.

Glass Doctor® of Clinton Township, MI, has a variety of ways to light up your entries:

  • Make your side windows economical and beautiful with double-paned windows featuring interior sliding blinds.
  • Make your panes and door glass to embellish the entryway. Decorative doorlites and matching side window designs provide coordinated elegance.
  • Choose energy-efficient glass to save money. All weather glass and hurricane-rated laminates offer great ways to protect your home and save.

Low-E Glass Windows

Installing low-emissivity (Low-E) panes keeps bad UV out of your eyes and your home, protecting furniture, drapes and carpet from sun damage. The thin metallic coating keeps out up to 10% of the light and heat from the sun, making climate control easier and dropping your energy usage.

Boost the value and the comfort of your home with custom glass decor designed to make your dream home shine. Call Glass Doctor® of Clinton Township, MI, to start your home project today.