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Double Pane Windows

Homes experience the extremes of weather, exposing homeowners to frequent temperature changes. These changes weigh on a home's windows, which are the number one source of temperature exchange on any building. Improperly sealed windows leak climate controlled air, trading it for drafts. Glass Doctor® of Clinton Township provides insulated glass units (IGUs) to help balance and regulate your interior climate. Homes equipped with double pane windows, a type of insulated glass, still face similar issues if a seal is broken. Warning signs of broken seals include a milky appearance or condensation under the panes.

Insulated Glass Benefits

The windows of your home are your number one source of heat loss, and consequently a constant source of expense. Glass Doctor® of Clinton Township supplies high quality insulated glass units (IGUs) to improve your home's insulation and save you money on your heating and air-conditioning bill. What makes IGUs so effective is the build. The IGUs that consist of at least two panes of glass with a sealed gap in-between offer a significant improvement in heat regulation over standard windows.

If you already have double pane windows but still experience temperature swings indoors, the seal on the unit most likely has deteriorated. Window seals fail from age and when exposed to severe weather. If you spot condensation between the panes or if the glass has a milky appearance, these are signs that the window's seal has broken and needs repair. If your window seals are damaged you are constantly exchanging your climate-controlled air for air coming in from the outside. To rectify this problem your window will need repair.

Double Pane Window Repair

double pane window

Our team specializes in window repair, including the repair of insulated glass units. Unlike a full replacement, our window repair involves replacing the glass and seal but leaving the original frame intact. Not only does this save you a considerable amount of money but it also reduces the hassle and inconvenience of tearing out the frame.

Contact Glass Doctor of Clinton Township today for window repair, window replacement or emergency services. We provide mobile service, our teams will meet you at you home or office! This allows our representatives to serve customers far quicker than our competitors can with most installations and repair jobs completed within 24 hours of a service call.

Call Glass Doctor of Clinton Township today to schedule your repair or replacement.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.

double pane window

Insulated glass keeps out the heat and cold, making homes more comfortable and energy efficient. In the winter, IGUs reduce heat transmittance through windows and helps maintain a consistent temperature in your home. In the summer, IGUs reduce heat gain from outside. As a result, your home’s air conditioning and heating system should run less, saving energy and money.

An insulated glass unit consists of at least two pieces of glass and an insulating spacer, that separates the two panes of glass and seals the space between them. Spacers may be filled with a special moisture absorbing material called a desiccant or a warm-edge glass spacer such as a super spacer.

The perimeter of the entire unit is sealed with a high-grade sealant to prevent condensation from accumulating between the panes. Some insulated glass units include argon or krypton gas added to the airspace between the two panes to provide additional insulation.

Insulated Glass Replacement

At Glass Doctor®, one of our specialties is insulated window glass replacement. Fortunately, you don’t always have to replace the entire window. Our glass specialist can install insulated glass replacements in your existing frames for less money than you think.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.