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Clinton Township, MI

Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Elevate your home design with the addition of glass decor. Glass Doctor® of Clinton Township, MI, professionally designs and installs custom glass tabletops and shelving fixtures for clients across Macomb County. Glass decor creates the illusion of a greater space in furnished rooms and allows light to spread throughout an area. Ask the Glass Doctor of Clinton Township, MI, team to create custom glass tabletop and shelving pieces that will be a trend-setting addition to your home.

Quality Custom Glass Tabletops

Glass tabletops are a welcome addition to nearly every space. Some of the best places to add glass tabletops are dining room tables, coffee tables, desks or patio tables. Many homeowners have vintage furniture that they wish to protect with the addition of a glass overlay. Working with the Glass Doctor of Clinton Township, MI, guarantees your table will perfectly fit. Our experienced team will help you choose the tabletop that matches your home and lifestyle.

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Glass Shelving Options

Not only does the Glass Doctor of Clinton Township, MI have custom glass tabletop solutions, but we also offer chic glass shelving solutions. Glass shelving with tinting or frosting can give your kitchen, home office or closet a polished appearance. Our glass specialists understand the need for your pieces to be functional and stylish, and we deliver on both counts. We can evaluate your space, suggest styles that will match your decor, and install your new shelving, so it is installed correctly and beautifully.

Protective Glass Additions

Our team always has your best interests in mind. Our specialists can apply a protective coating to any custom glass piece, which will shield the panes from stains and scratches. Available options for tabletop glass coatings include glass tinting and safety glass protectant. The glass tinting will help block harmful rays that can fade furniture and carpet over time. We offer safety glass for furniture that experiences the most wear. Although safety glass is most often used on outdoor furniture, it protects any furniture from damage or glass breakage.

Custom Glass Decor Experts

Scheduling a consultation with our glass specialists is the first step in bringing a breath of fresh design into your home. During the meeting, we will discuss different design options. Find your custom glass tabletops from the Glass Doctor of Clinton Township, MI. Our experienced glass specialists will find the best glass tabletop option for your family and your home. No other glass company can provide top-tier customer service that our glass specialist can. Call today for your consultation with the Glass Doctor of Clinton Township, MI.