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Window Repair & Replacement

It’s natural to feel frightened after you notice broken glass in your home. You worry about possible intruders, damage from the elements and the safety hazard caused by glass shards on the floor. At Glass Doctor® of Clinton Township, MI, we understand your concerns, and our home window repair services restore security and peace of mind for you and your family. Our team delivers home window repair on your schedule with a professional attitude and fair pricing.

Window Glass Repair

24/7 Emergency Services

A broken window late at night is a serious safety concern for your family. Our experts work around the clock, and will arrive promptly any time you place a call. We carry dozens of the most common glass types and sizes in stock, so we can usually replace the glass the same day that you call; however, if we need to order a special pane, we secure the home by boarding up the damage site and clearing away the shards.

Double Pane Repairs

Owning a double paned window is a double-edged sword. They provide great insulation for the home, but they sometimes need sealant repairs. At Glass Doctor of Clinton Township, MI, we address all issues with double pane window repair, from eliminating condensation between the glass, resealing the window or completing a window replacement.

Specialized Glass Services

It can be costly to replace your cherished glass tabletop or cabinet panes, so we offer repair services for all of your indoor glass needs, including doors, counters, shelves, mirrors and more.

Glass Replacement

An investment in your home’s windows can save you thousand of dollars in utility costs over the life of the windows. Insulated glass units (IGUs) and low-emissivity windows substantially cut energy usage in your home by reducing the heat transfer between the exterior air and your window glass. These windows return your investment every month with their savings, but they also reap a return when you try to sell the home because of their incredible value to potential buyers.

Aftermarket Services

Glass care doesn’t stop with repair or replacement, and our aftermarket services can help you get the most from your window glass.


Over time minerals build up on your glass, both inside and outside the home. Our Clear Choice glass service adds a layer of protectant that reduces the accumulation of unsightly minerals and grime, leaving your glass to look as sparkling as the day it was installed.


As the sun’s UVA and UVB rays enter your home they heat the interior and cause color damage to your furnishings. Adding even a slight tint to the glass cuts those rays, saving your family money on utilities and preserving your belongings.

Window Service

Broken hinges and locks prevent full enjoyment of the window. Our specialists are skilled at restoring the full operation of the window and replacing broken mechanisms.

Get an Advantage

At Glass Doctor of Clinton Township, MI, we offer special discounts to homeowners in the Advantage Plan® program for home glass repair. Membership perks include:

  • Priority scheduling for routine and emergency services
  • Free glass inspection
  • Glass guarantee as long as you’re a member
  • Discounted pricing on parts and labor

Contact us to learn more about our glass services or to schedule an appointment.