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Advance Measurement System

Sometimes, a little planning can go along way, especially when it comes to helping your business or facility recover quickly from a disaster. Glass Doctor® of Clinton Township, MI customers have the opportunity to prepare for disaster with the Advance Measurement system. Our program takes a preemptive approach to glass care that will save any business time and money.

The system is simple and begins with a visit to your facility. During our walk through an expert will take accurate measurements of all the glass windows, doors and other glass panes in the building. Your specialist will also take note of any safety glass requirements and use this information to create a detailed diagram of your building. Each pane will be numbered, so when a piece of glass breaks all you have to do is call and report the number. We will be able to quickly reference the diagram and gather all the information we need in order to arrive on scene ready to complete the repair in one visit.

Faster Repairs

Take a few steps towards proactive glass care means significantly cutting down on the time it takes to secure your facility and reestablish the safety of your business. As long as your glass is in-stock, you can completely avoid a board-up. Further expedite any repairs by pre-establish your credit and contact information. There isn't a faster or more convenient way to handle glass repairs.

In-Stock Options

For locations that experience frequent breaks, we offer an in-stock program. We will pre-order your glass and have it in our warehouse ready to install when needed.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

Participating in the Glass Doctor of Clinton Township, MI Advance Measurement system comes with a long list of benefits. In addition to the obvious convenience, customers also end up saving money because they don't have to interrupt the day-to-day operations of the business. Fast repairs also mean better security, protection from theft and vandalism, and improved safety for customers and employees. You can keep your business looking great and continue to provide a positive image to visitors while also avoiding extended repair times.

Get started today by calling Glass Doctor of Clinton Township, MI and schedule your measurement consultation. One visit from a specialists can put you on the road to proactive glass care and help you implement a disaster plan for faster repairs.