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Clinton Township, MI

Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

If your home has a broken window, you won’t feel secure until it’s repaired or replaced. It makes your home more vulnerable to break-ins as well as a pest invasion. If it rains, your flooring and nearby belongings could be damaged. Your children and pets could hurt themselves on broken glass or other debris, and you could be hurt if you try to repair the window yourself.

Instead, trust Glass Doctor® of Clinton Township, MI to handle your emergency glass repair jobs. Our trained specialists offer glass repair and replacement services for homes and businesses throughout the area; you’ll be able to trust in our professionalism. We’ll treat you and your home with respect and make sure your sense of safety is restored along with your broken glass.

All Hours Access

Our specialists are ready to respond in our mobile units, day or night. While most businesses complete repairs when it’s convenient for them, we’ll respond when you need us, 24/7. You won’t have to wait until weekday business hours or try a do-it-yourself patchwork job in the middle of the night. We’ll arrive ready to secure your home so you can rest easy.

Professional Emergency Glass Repair Service

Our specialists are able to repair or replace many windows on the spot without need for a follow-up visit. If glass has to be ordered, we’ll board up the damage site and sweep up broken glass and other debris so your family and home will remain safe. Our trusted vendors will quickly fill the order, and we will return at your convenience to complete the replacement. We follow the industry’s best practices and have the training and experience to complete the job professionally.

Specialized Emergency Glass Repair

Our services extend far beyond standard repair and replacement work. We’re able to perform many custom glass window and door repairs on the spot. If not, we’ll precisely measure the area and order the replacement glass you need. And our training doesn’t end with the glass. We’re also able to perform professional finishing work, such as repairing damage to the casing or framing.

Our Clinton Township business combines the accessibility and accountability of a local company with the training, tools and high standards of a national business. Contact us at 586-439-3201 for your emergency glass repair and replacement needs. Schedule an appointment online for non-emergency glass projects.