Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement in Calgary

When a window breaks, it can cause a significant disruption to your day-to-day life. A broken window also presents various challenges, including finding the best repair solution. At Glass Doctor of Calgary, we provide Calgary homeowners with professional residential emergency home glass services. We are equipped with a team of skilled service professionals who are available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you during emergencies.

Emergency Window Repair & Replacement

a male Glass Doctor service professional sitting in a Glass Doctor service van and waving Glass Doctor of Calgary wants you to feel secure day and night. As soon as you discover a broken window in your home, call Calgary glass service professionals at any time for help. We will send a service professional to your home to assess the damage. If the damage can be repaired during that appointment, then we will do so. If we do not have the appropriate materials on hand, then we will securely board up your window, and schedule a follow-up appointment.

If your window cannot be repaired, then we will replace the entire unit for you. We utilize the following process to ensure the replacement is done correctly:

  1.   Remove the old window.
  2.   Prep the opening: Ensure squareness; leave a quarter-inch space around entire window.
  3.   Install the window with a bead of silicone; make it level with shims before securing.
  4.   Apply house wrap or flashing tape.
  5.   Apply foam insulation, jamb extensions and trim.

Board and Cleaning Services

If a broken window leaves an unsightly hole in the side of your house, Glass Doctor of Calgary will board up the window for you. To show our appreciation, our glass service professionals will also clean the broken glass in and around your home and dispose of it.

General Window Repair

If you don't need emergency window repair, Calgary residents can still take advantage of Glass Doctor of Calgary’s general services for chips and cracks. Our experienced glass repair service professionals receive training to repair, replace, and protect any window in your home.

To help save you money, a glass service professional can repair glass cracks and chips in single-pane windows, eliminating the need to purchase a new glass unit or window. Similarly, if your double pane windows have a crack or broken seal, we can replace the glass and use the existing window frame and glass grid.

Other types of glass repairs that Glass Doctor of Calgary specializes in include:

Glass Doctor Advantage Plan®

At Glass Doctor of Calgary, we value our loyal customers and offer an Advantage Plan. This plan gives you access to members-only services, which include:

  • Priority scheduling: Members always receive priority and move to the top of the list.
  • Savings on future repairs: Automatically save 15% on all future glass repairs and replacements for your home and automobile.
  • Breakage guarantee: When Glass Doctor of Calgary replaces the glass in your home, we guarantee it against breakage as long as you are a member (some exclusions apply).
  • Transferable agreements: If you sell your home before your membership expires, you can transfer the Advantage Plan to the new homeowners.

Emergency Home Glass Services Near Me

Do not risk your safety and security because of a broken window. Contact Glass Doctor of Calgary at any time of the day when you need emergency window repairs.

FAQs about Home Emergency Glass Repair & Replacement

What is considered an emergency glass repair or replacement?

Emergency glass repair and replacement services refer to situations where damaged glass is an immediate risk to safety or security and requires urgent service.

How quickly do you respond to an emergency request?

Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year for residential emergency glass repair requests.