Double Pane Window Services for Calgary

Glass Doctor® of Calgary has quality materials and installation specialists to help make your home comfortable and energy-efficient. Savvy homeowners in Airdrie, Okotoks, Strathmore and surrounding areas are installing double pane windows to reap the energy and aesthetic benefits they offer.

Insulated Glass Replacement

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If your home has thin or cracked windows, the inefficiency is costing you money. However, our specialists can install insulated glass units (IGUs) in your home, effectively saving you from an energy bill bust. Our double pane windows are long-lasting and high-quality. They will lower energy consumption, increase your home’s curb appeal and reduce noise pollution.

Our IGUs feature at least two panes, separated with a spacer material and sealed together at the edge. Some spacers are filled with a special moisture-absorbing material, called a desiccant or a warm-edge, which helps keep your windows clear for years to come.

Calgary experiences the full spectrum of weather, but you can protect your home all year with double pane, energy-efficient insulated glass windows. If you notice condensation or the appearance of a foggy window in-between the panes, moisture has become trapped, this means your window’s seal has failed, allowing water to collect. Our specialists install IGUs and replace panes quickly.

Resealing and replacing panes is a simple, budget-friendly solution when condensation or cracks disturb your window. Our specialists are able to replace window panes in under an hour. Call Glass Doctor of Calgary, We Fix Your Panes®.

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