Calgary, AB's Emergency Commercial Glass Services

Broken glass is more than a cosmetic nuisance. It is an interruption that has the potential to decrease worker productivity, as well as an eyesore that may turn off prospects. Broken windows and doors also pose a significant security risk.

When there’s a need for emergency business glass repair, Calgary business owners should turn to Glass Doctor® of Calgary; we offer emergency glass repair services every day and at any hour.  

Emergency Business Glass Repair

At Glass Doctor of Calgary, our glass specialists address issues such as:

  • Replacing broken storefront doors
  • Replacing broken window glass on the exterior and interior of the business
  • Repairing chips and cracks in glass
  • Securing broken panes with boards and cleaning up broken glass
  • Repairing glass doors that are damaged, leaking or difficult to move

Advance Measurement System

If you experience a disaster, business continuity depends on quick recovery actions. Glass Doctor of Calgary’s Advance Measurement system is an essential tool to add to your business’ emergency disaster and recovery plans.

The program involves having glass specialists take expert measurements and notes about all the glass in your facility. They use the notes to create a numbered diagram and identify the different windows on site. If the property experiences a disaster or needs emergency business glass repair, Calgary business owners simply have to call Glass Doctor and use the diagram to identify the glass that needs replacing.

With the Advanced Measurement plan, our glass specialists repair glass panes in one visit, which saves you time and money. The process is even faster if we have your information on file.

If glass often breaks in your business, Glass Doctor of Calgary also offers an in-stock replacement program. When you participate, we will store the specific glass the building uses, so it is always on-hand and ready for a speedy replacement.

Commercial Care Program

Glass Doctor of Calgary’s Commercial Care service is a membership program that provides exclusive business services, such as:

  • Commercial accounts with dedicated specialists
  • Discounts on board-up services
  • Discounts on repairs and replacements
  • Priority scheduling for emergency services

Whether you need to remedy a chip or require emergency business glass repair Calgary business owners can count on Glass Doctor. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with all your glass needs!