Advance Measurement System

Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Calgary, AB

Hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters wreak havoc on business glass. Although Glass Doctor® of Calgary is available at all hours to repair your glass doors and windows, you should always have a recovery plan to prepare for the worst scenarios.

With our Advance Measurement program, our experts carefully evaluate your business’ glass products, identifying all potential risks to the safety and integrity of your location. We'll make a record of the kinds of glass your business uses, safety hazards and regulations, and the location of your windows and doors. With this information, we'll be prepared to fix your business as soon as the disaster happens

Faster Emergency Repairs

Although Glass Doctor of Calgary is available at all hours, it isn’t always possible to make major repairs, particularly when your panes need to be replaced. The more customized or rare your glass is, the longer you will have to wait for the new panes. While waiting for panes to arrive, our specialists will board up your windows.

With our Advance Measurement program, we will know exactly what type of glass your business uses ahead of time. With our in-stock program, we will pre-order the glass needed for our repairs and keep it in stock at all times. This will allow us to install new panes as soon as the old ones break. We will also keep your contact, insurance and credit card information on file, speeding up the administrative part of the replacement. 

Benefits of Advance Measurement

A recovery plan saves time, protects your possessions and lowers your insurance premiums by reducing the risks to your business. It will also help avoid boarding up your store windows, improving the attractiveness and accessibility of your business.

Don’t wait for disasters to damage your business. Call Glass Doctor of Calgary and begin creating a recovery plan with our measurement team.