Custom Mirrors in Calgary, AB

Custom mirrors infuse light and a welcoming warmth into your home. Glass decor offers endless customization opportunities, and Glass Doctor® of Calgary has the knowledge and experience to turn your decorating vision into reality. We deliver custom glass services that accentuate and beautify your living and working spaces. Our custom mirrors and specialty glass items create stunning focal points or elegant nuances while providing practical energy-saving solutions for your home.

Accentuate with Mirrors

Custom mirrors are an incredibly versatile accent piece. Use them in foyers and great rooms to direct the eye and establish intimate areas within larger spaces. Select wall-mounted panel mirrors that reflect and accentuate precious artwork, or design an intricately framed custom mirror to match your existing decor. We custom craft your mirror according to the size, shape and edge design you choose, generating a one-of-a-kind statement for any room in your home or office. Additional ideas include:

  • Full-length bedroom and bathroom mirrors generate an impression of cleanliness and additional space in cramped areas.
  • Custom mirrors showcase exceptional china or rare collectibles when placed in cabinets, or used as decorative shelving units.
  • Utilize custom mirrors for artistic designs, making wall arrangements that celebrate your individuality.
  • Place mirrors in small guest bathrooms and hallways to spread light and create the illusion of a larger space.

Beautifully Lower Your Energy Usage and Cost

The judicial placement of mirrors is an effective way to lower your energy usage. When situated to reflect natural sunlight, the daylight is scattered around the room creating a bright, airy atmosphere without using electricity. Moreover, they perform the same benefit when carefully placed opposite interior lamps. At night, custom mirrors redirect lamp and candle light, infusing your rooms with a warm glow.

Custom Mirror Design Options

Custom mirrors and interior glass decor provide unlimited design possibilities, giving you the power imagine a variety of possible custom mirrors. Our experienced glass professionals gladly offer practical advice and useful suggestions concerning load-bearing constraints and safe installation options. We make designing your interior spaces a simple and enjoyable process. You explain your ideas and we'll help you create the reality. Glass customization options include:

Colored glass: Match your existing decor with bold or subtle colors.

Laminates and films: Protect your family and guard against accidental injury with protective barriers that prevent shattering.

Impact-resistant glass: These types of panes are especially useful for outdoor glass tabletops and similar items.

Edge designs: Develop an original glass look by choosing from among several custom edge designs.

Contact Glass Doctor of Calgary today to schedule your in-home consultation. Our courteous glass specialists will offer design insights and provide detailed estimates for your consideration.