Window Repair & Replacement

Glass Doctor® of Calgary is committed to keeping your curb appeal high and your carbon footprint low, so we put your windows first. If you own a home or business, our glass specialists will help you protect your property inside and out with sealed, damage-free windows that are fit to weather Alberta's arctic winters. 

We know what it takes to keep glass in good shape, and we do our best to make it easy on your end, too. With each of the following repair and installation services, you'll enjoy upfront pricing, in-home consultations and convenient scheduling options. 

Window Repair

Whether your windows are chipped, cracked, scratched or completely shattered, Glass Doctor of Calgary is ready to make a speedy repair. We replace missing glass inserts and repair superficial damage to window panes, including repairing sash locks and fixtures.  

Emergency Services

Keep your family safe and conserve energy with our overnight, holiday and weekend window repair services. We'll send a specialist to assess the damage, clean up broken shards, remove your broken pane and seal the open window with an airtight board up. If we don't have the exact pane you need, we'll order a replacement and return to install it.

Double Pane Window Repair

If you already enjoy the benefits of insulated glass units (IGUs), you know how important it is to maintain a perfect seal. If you notice condensation or fog on your IGUs, it's time to get that glass replaced. A specialist will remove the damaged panes and reinstall new panes restoring your seal. 

Window Replacement

If your window damage is too extensive to repair or your windows need to be replaced, Glass Doctor of Calgary is here to help. Rather than replacing the entire window, we'll remove your damaged or outdated panes and install brand new glass inserts in their place.


If your windows are old or thin, you're probably paying too much to heat and cool your indoor spaces. Take advantage of our new glass installation options, including IGUs that provide extra insulation and low-emissivity (Low-E) windows that resist sun damage and glares. 

Additional Glass Services

From Low-E to low-maintenance, Glass Doctor of Calgary offers optional protections with every window installation. Choose to make your windows easier to clean, increase your indoor comfort or maximize your insulation. 

Glass Protectant

Ask us to apply Clear Choice™ protectant to your new windows, and your glass will resist scratches, stains and even mineral and hard water deposits for up to five years. 


Our Low-E windows incorporate metal coatings that reflect heat and UV rays without decreasing light flow. We also offer glass tinting for windows and other custom installations, to prevent different types of UV rays from penetrating the panes.

Gain the Advantage

As a member of our Advantage Plan®, you'll enjoy discounts on future repairs, first priority when you make appointments, a free inspection of your home and a guarantee that we'll foot the bill if your new windows break. 

After taking advantage of our window expertise, you'll notice the difference for years. Call us at (403) 366-1276 to schedule your appointment today.