Window Repair and Replacement in Calgary, AB

Your property’s windows are critical to your safety, and security—moreover, they’re vital to your property's design and aesthetic. Whether it’s from a home sporting accident, a windstorm gone wrong, or an attempted break-in, Glass Doctor® of Calgary is here to restore your windows and your peace of mind. We can do it all—from replacing a glass pane or repairing the locking mechanism to window replacement.

Rely on Glass Doctor to repair or replace your panes. Call (403) 287-3220 for service.

a man who is a Glass Doctor service professional using measuring tape to measure window What to Expect from Window Repair in Calgary

At Glass Doctor, we offer two categories of repair services:

  1. Window mechanism repair. If your window’s lock, crank, or level breaks, we’ll repair the damage to get everything working properly.
  2. Window glass repair. We’ll replace a single broken window pane without removing or replacing the entire window.

During your estimate, a member of our team will determine if your windows are good candidates for repair or if they require replacement.

Window Glass Replacement

During a glass pane replacement, a single broken pane is removed and replaced. Glass pane replacement (a window glass repair) is ideal for properties with a single damaged window.

Glass pane replacement protects homes from intrusion, weather, and pests, but it will not fully restore the insulative properties of a double or triple pane window.

Window Installation and Window Replacement in Calgary

In addition to repair and pane replacement, we offer professional window replacement and window installation services throughout the region. Whether you seek to upgrade for efficiency or aesthetics, our team is equipped to help you through every step of the process, from design to installation.

Emergency Window Repair

At Glass Doctor, we provide emergency window repair services to secure your home or business as soon as possible after a damaging event. We’ll send a service professional out to assess the damage and secure your property until repairs can be made. Emergency services cover overnight, holiday, and weekend appointments.

Choose Window Glass Replacement Services for Homes and Businesses

Older windows and windows with extensive damage may require replacement. Our service professionals can install new window glass without removing the entire window frame. Choose to upgrade old or thin windows to newer technology and enjoy greater energy efficiency or low-emissivity (Low-E) windows that resist sun damage and prevent glares.

Find Window Replacement and Window Repair in Calgary

Keep your home or business secure and protected from the elements with fast and hassle-free window services from Glass Doctor. We service Calgary and the surrounding communities, including Bearspaw, Balzac, Keith, Glenbow, Harmony, and Conrich. Our technicians are reliable and our work is backed by the Neighbourly Done Right Promise®.

Take advantage of our window expertise. Call (403) 287-3220 or request an estimate online to get started.

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