Custom Glass Solutions in Calgary, AB

Glass Doctor® of Calgary takes pride in providing you with a wide variety of services to meet all of your residential glass needs. With standard and custom glass decor options, including glass tabletops, shelving, and mirrors, the possibilities for enhanced home style are endless. We offer a wide variety of high quality windows that feature low-emissivity (Low-E) options and glass doors. Our specialists look forward to serving residents of Calgary and the surrounding area.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Whether you are in need of replacement glass for your existing furniture, or you are interested in creating a new custom piece, our specialists are prepared to help. Customers select from an abundance of standard and customized shapes, sizes and finishes in order to create just the right look for your tables, shelving and other glass furnishings.

We offer tinted and coated glass pieces that are designed to help protect your furnishings from UV rays, and our selection of tempered or laminated glass is an excellent solution for households concerned with child and pet safety.

Custom Mirrors

If you are interested in adding custom mirrors to your home's decor, Glass Doctor of Calgary has a wide selection of custom mirror designs. You pick the tint, edge style and decorative design that suits your home and suits your space and budget.

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Patio and French Doors

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Calgary are well-versed in the restoration and replacement of existing door glass. Install doorlites into your entryway, or replace damaged patio or French door glass.

Low-E Glass Windows

Reduce exposure to UV rays, protect your carpet and other furnishings, and lower your energy bill when you select Low-E windows. Specially designed with Low-E metallic coatings, these windows reflect heat and glare away from your home. Draperies, carpets and furniture won't fade from the sunlight that filters through the Low-E panes. Expect a more controlled indoor climate and a reduced heating or cooling bill, too.

Regardless of whether you are interested in glass tabletops, custom mirrors, glass door products or replacement windows, the specialists at Glass Doctor look forward to providing you with expert services to meet all of your glass needs. Contact Glass Doctor of Calgary today, our team will find the best glass solutions for your home.