Window Repair & Replacement in Barrie, ON

When a window cracks or shatters, call the experts at Glass Doctor® of Barrie to receive immediate assistance. Our glass specialists have years of combined experience performing window repair, replacement, tinting, upgrades and much more. Expect outstanding service, competitive prices and excellent craftsmanship when you work with our team. 

Window Repair

If the damage is not too extensive, Glass Doctor of Barrie will perform fast, quality window repair during a time frame that works best for you.

Emergency Services

Our team understands that accidents seldom happen at a convenient time and that's why we offer emergency services, day or night. If a window shatters, contact our glass specialists to repair it immediately. If the window requires unique repair pieces, we will board up the damaged area, allowing you to rest easy through the night. We will schedule a permanent replacement with you after we clean the damage up.

Double Pane Window Repair

Repair your damaged panes to make your home more comfortable. Seal failure results in air exchange, ultimately costing homeowners money in increased HVAC usage. Our specialists will replace the damaged panes and reseal windows to restore your windows.

Specialty Glass Repair

We have considerable experience repairing specialty items like decorative glass doors, ornate tabletops, custom mirrors and much more. When your custom glass items are damaged beyond repair, Glass Doctor of Barrie will cut glass to unique specifications to fit your patio doors, glass shelves or mirrors.

Window Replacement

If time is starting to take its toll on your windows, it may be a good idea to consider replacing them altogether. The smallest crack or fissure in any window will cause drafts that will drastically increase your home's monthly energy bills. Whether you're replacing one broken window or are interested in a complete home makeover, our team of qualified glass specialists ready to upgrade your Barrie home.


Consider upgrading all your existing windows to more energy-efficient models that will improve the comfort of your home while also lowering monthly energy bills. Ask about our insulated glass units (IGUs) to give your home an extra layer of protection against noise pollution and the elements.

We also provide our clients with Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows, which are an excellent addition to any home. Low-E windows allow natural light to enter the home while simultaneously deflecting heat. These windows will not only save you money but will also work to increase your home's curb appeal and overall property value.

Home Window Screens

If you're looking to replace your home window screen, Glass Doctor of Barrie has you covered. We understand that not every window needs the glass replaced, instead you may be looking just to fix your screen. Our new and improved home window screens have several benefits including increased curb appeal, easier cleaning, and increased protection from fading. Plus they are environmentally friendly! Call the home glass replacement experts at Glass Doctor of Barrie today to learn more.

Additional Glass Services

Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant

Keep your new windows safe from damage by allowing our glass specialists to apply our hydrophobic coating glass protectant. This material will defend your glass against damage caused by mineral deposits, hard water and environmental pollutants. Aside from glass, our hydrophobic glass protectant is also able to be applied to surfaces like porcelain, granite and tile flooring.

Window Component Repair

Open your home to fresh air without struggling with a stuck window. Glass Doctor of Barrie will ease stubborn windows and repair broken locking mechanisms.

Gain the Advantage

At Glass Doctor of Barrie, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. That's why we offer our Advantage Plan® guarantee following repairs or new installs. This guarantee includes:

  • Priority scheduling
  • A free in-home inspection
  • Lower costs on repairs and future installs
  • Warranty against breakage for 12 months

For excellent customer service and quality window repair, contact Glass Doctor of Barrie today. From window repair to complete home renovation projects, our team of specialists is more than happy to help. Fill out a service request online or contact our office today.