Custom Glass Solutions in Barrie, ON

Beyond providing window repairs and replacement, Glass Doctor® of Barrie offers a variety of custom glass decor solutions. Our specialists have considerable experience working with glass shelves, tables, mirrors and patio doors. We protect and beautify your home's glass.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Glass Doctor of Barrie will examine your table or shelf and take exact measurements for the glass you need. Our custom glass tabletops and shelves are carefully cut to accommodate the renovation you have in mind.

Following an in-home consultation, our specialists provide you with a complete evaluation of any safety concerns along with accurate estimates for glass tinting, edge work detail and the thickness of the glass you will require. We offer to outfit your tabletops and shelves with coated or tinted glass for protection against UV rays. Plus, choose to install laminated or tempered glass for additional safety benefits if breakage around pets and children is a concern.

Custom Mirrors

Our seasoned glass specialists carry a variety of customizable mirror products to suit your unique style and taste, including:

  • Custom fit picture frames
  • Mirrored shelving
  • Hanging vanity mirrors
  • Custom or standard washroom mirrors
  • Closets and closet doors
  • Full Wall Mirrors - home gyms, recreation centers, fitness studios

No matter what custom renovation you're looking to complete, our specialists will cut mirrors according to your precise specifications. Suit your mirror to your space when you choose from our mirror designs, available in antique, beveled, tinted and decorative accents. Discuss your ideas with our glass specialists - we will transform your home into the inspiring paradise you've always wanted.

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Patio and French Doors

From renovating entryways to upgrading broken door glass, Glass Doctor of Barrie does it all. With the assistance of our specialists, your entryways will be completely altered to appeal to your aesthetic eye.

Some of the glass inserts we install are:

  • Beautifully decorated door glass with side window panes to match
  • Double-pane windows and sliding blinds
  • All-weather glass that complies with and often exceeds regulations
  • Energy-efficient panes and windows

Low-E Glass Windows

Adding low-emissivity (Low-E) windows to your house allows sunlight into your home while filtering out harmful UV rays and reducing glare. Low-E windows are comprised of a thin metallic coat that minimizes light transmission. UV rays are known to cause damage to upholstery, carpets, furniture and other cherished belongings in your home. Aside from protecting your indoor environment, expect to reduce monthly energy costs and improve your home's climate control. Low-E windows allow for sunlight to freely enter your home while simultaneously maintaining your comfortable indoor climate.

If you're interested in upgrading the windows and glass in your home, contact the experts at Glass Doctor of Barrie today. Schedule an appointment, discuss your renovation plans and rest assured the job will get done with professional precision.