Double Pane Window Services for Barrie

With time, double pane windows can become cloudy due to condensation build up between the panes of the glass. Caused by failing seals, gas escapes allowing outside air into the panes. When this issue occurs, Glass Doctor® of Barrie is here to help!

Keep the outside temperatures where they belong with insulated glass units (IGUs); IGUs aid in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home regardless of what the weather is outside.

Insulated Glass Window Replacement

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Block the seasonal temperatures and reduce your energy bill with insulated glass. IGUs work to keep the hot and cold temperatures that winter and summer bring at bay ensuring the interior warmth of your home remains unaffected by Mother Nature. IGUs, therefore, ensure your home is more energy efficient, saving you money.

Insulated glass units are comprised of two pieces of glass along with a spacer, which separates the two panes, sealing the space between one another. A super spacer is filled with a moisture absorbing material called a desiccant otherwise known as a warm-edge glass spacer.

The outside of the IGU is sealed with a high-grade sealant to ensure no condensation is between the panes.

Insulated Glass Replacement

Glass Doctor of Barrie can replace partial or an entire double pane window for less than you may think. Call our specialists today for a quote!

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